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Josh Huffaker
Josh Huffaker
Chief Supply Chain Officer

Josh Huffaker is a seasoned professional with more than 13 years of experience in the fluid conveyance industry. Serving as Chief Supply Chain Officer at TIPCO Technologies, Josh leverages his expertise in data analytics to optimize supply chain strategy.

Throughout his career, Josh has demonstrated a remarkable track record of leveraging technology to drive efficiencies within inventory management and supply chain processes, a crucial endeavor as TIPCO continues to expand its operations. Josh's key strengths lie in his proficiency in demand forecasting and his ability to enhance inventory turnover rates, ensuring that TIPCO maintains optimal inventory levels across its network while achieving high service levels. Moreover, he believes in fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration, placing a strong emphasis on cohesive leadership within his team to ensure KPIs are being met.

Josh also understands the importance of partnership with TIPCO’s Premier Suppliers. By aligning supplier objectives with TIPCO's strategic goals, Josh fosters a collaborative environment where both parties work towards shared success.


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