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Rob Lyons
Rob Lyons

Robert A. Lyons, Jr., Co-CEO of TIPCO Technologies, is a seasoned leader with over 37 years of experience in driving the company's remarkable growth trajectory. Starting from humble beginnings as a small independent distributor in Baltimore, Rob’s visionary leadership has propelled TIPCO into a nationwide presence, boasting 31 locations across 15 states.

Renowned for his strategic foresight and adeptness in navigating the fluid conveyance industry's complexities, Rob is celebrated for his deep comprehension of commercial strategy. Under his guidance, TIPCO has consistently cultivated winning sales teams that seamlessly adapt to technological advancements and industry shifts.

Throughout his tenure, Rob has remained steadfast in his commitment to fostering organic growth, investing in cutting-edge technology, and providing top-tier education and training opportunities. Yet, beyond his business acumen, Rob’s greatest strength lies in his ability to connect with people.

A true catalyst for collaboration, Rob cultivates a vibrant organizational culture that champions entrepreneurship, places importance on customer-centricity, and thrives on teamwork infused with both collaboration and purpose. In essence, Rob is more than just a leader; he's a bridge-builder, bringing together individuals and ideas to drive enduring success for TIPCO Technologies.


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