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At TIPCO Technologies employee safety and the environment are job number one. We provide the highest degree of tested hose assemblies and related products in the Mid-Atlantic.  TIPCO Technologies is a Continental ContiTech Star Distributor  and NAHAD Listed Distributor.  With two of our locations strategically located in Virginia and Maryland Tank Farm regions, TIPCO Technologies can provide the highest speed to the market with world class manufacturers.

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Continental ContiTech

TIPCO Technologies competencies and facilities are annually verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) verification which demonstrates the sales and technical expertise necessary to fulfill the exacting requirements of fabricating high-integrity hose assemblies.  As a Continental ContiTech STAR distributor, TIPCO utilizes the Continental ContiTech Products Hose Trakker™ customized webpage to manage and record all testing records.  Some of the many Continental ContiTech hoses that TIPCO Technologies fabricates include:

  • INFINITY™- Fuel Drop Hose – superior flexibility and abrasion resistant designed to transfer biodiesel and ethanol blends of gasoline.
  • PLICORD® EXTREMEFLEX™ - Extremely flexible tank truck and in-plant operation manufactured of corrugated synthetic rubber.
  • INSTA-LOCK™ - Patented automatic locking cam and groove couplings
  • FLEXWING VERSAFUEL® -  Versatile fuel transfer hose designed for biodiesel blends, ethanol blends, gasoline, oil and petroleum based products.  Manufactured of synthetic rubber.
  • PLICORD® FLEXWING®  PETROLEUM HOSE – Heavy-duty hose used for tank truck or in-plant operations to transfer gasoline, oils and other petroleum based products. Manufactured of an NBR oil resistant tube and Chemivic® oil resistant cover.
  • SPIRAFLEX® POLYURETHANE Vapor Recovery Hose – Gasoline vapor hose for loading rack and unloading applications.
  • PLICORD® FLEXDOCK – Ship to shore hose fabrication and USCG testing up to 10” I.D.
  • FUTURA® Gasoline and diesel fuel assemblies
  • REDWING® Fuel Delivery Hose Assemblies for heating oil delivery
  • CHEM ONE™ - Extremely flexible hose designed for a wide variety of industrial chemicals.  Manufactured with Alphasyn® (XLPE) tube and EPDM abrasion resistant cover.
  • FABCHEM® Handles most common industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity flow and industrial applications.  Manufactured with
  • Pliosyn™ (UHMW) tube and Versigard® (EPDM) cover.

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TIPCO Technologies

TIPCO Technologies stocks private branded quality hoses and fitting systems for your Petrochemical applications.  With TIPCO’s quality standards and NAHAD LISTED 500 guidelines for pressure testing and electrical continuity testing, you can be sure that we have the right hose and fitting system for your needs.

  • TERRAPIN TANK TRUCK – For the transfer of oil, waste oil and other petroleum based products.  TERRAPIN TANK TRUCK hose is manufactured of Nitrile rubber tube for maximum oil resistance.  TERRAPIN tank truck hose is rated for 150 PSI W.P.
  • AMERICHEM UHMW CHEMICAL HOSE – Provides a significant improvement to traditional chemical hose lines.  AMERICHEM is manufactured of UHMW tube and abrasion resistant EPDM blue EPDM cover.  AMERICHEM is rated for 200 PSI W.P. and -40 degrees to 150 degrees.
  • TIPCO Ultra - Lite Crimp Sleeves – Pioneered by TIPCO Technologies for the safest and lightest fitting attachment method available.
  • Non Sparking meets NAHAD 500.5.4 Guidelines for Electrical Continuity Testing
  • Color Options Available for color coding
  • ETCHING options available
  • Excellent professional appearance
  • Many sizes in stock for rubber, drop and vapor hose assemblies
  • Safety Teste

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KANAFLEX® - Gasoline tank truck gravity drop hose constructed of nitrile rubber and orange rigid PVC helix.  TIPCO Technologies stocks series ST 120 LT drop hose and series 120 VP vapor recovery hose.
KURYAMA TIGERFLEX® - Biofuel Friendly Drop and Vapor Hose assemblies.  TIPCO is an authorized Tigerflex® distributor and fabricator.
  • Tigerdrop™ Clear Series TDH
  • Tigerdrop™ Black Series TDHBK
  • Tigervapor™ Series TV
  • Tigervapor™ HD series TVHD
GATES INDUSTRIAL HOSE – TIPCO is an authorized distributor of Longhorn®, Steer®, Super-Vac®, Stallion®, Mustang® and Renegade® quality Petrochem hose
PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY FITTINGS, CAM & GROOVE FITTINGS, DRY BREAKS, SWIVEL JOINTS, CLAMPS AND RELATED FITTINGS – All fabricated to NAHAD GUIDELINES Specification, Design and Fab manuals. All TIPCO assembly personnel have been tested and passed to NAHAD 500 guidlines requirements.
  • PT Coupling – Quick Connect and Disconnect Products, Cam & Groove, Maxi-Dry Dry Disconnect, Punch-Lok clamps, Ultra-Lite crimp sleeves, Safety Bump™
  • OPW® Engineered Systems – Swivel Joints, HILTAP™ FITINGS, Autolok®, Kamlok®, Drylok®, Kamvalok®, Epsilon® and OPW® Loading Arms
  • EVERTITE® - Elbows, Cam & Groove Couplings
  • CIVICON® Tanker Products
  • CAMPBELL – CRIMPNOLOGY™ System, COBRA™ Cam & Groove
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