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Continental’s STAR Program includes a one-of-a-kind UL Verification Process for hose assembly procedures, truly setting them apart in our industry.

Continental’s STAR Program includes a one-of-a-kind UL Verification Process for hose assembly procedures, truly setting them apart in our industry. 

TIPCO Technologies has been a premier market leader in industrial hose fabrication and testing for over 130 years. As a top-tier Continental ELITE distributor and a 3rd party verified by UL® Continental STAR fabricator, TIPCO Technologies offers innovative and cost-effective Continental solutions. TIPCO provides value-added fabrication and testing for a wide variety of industries including Petroleum, Construction, Ag, MRO, OEM, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Fueling, and Energy-- including Alternate Energy and Chemical. Operating throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, TIPCO Technologies’ Continental ContiTech solutions provide the quality, engineering, and hose fabrication systems perfectly aligned to meet your needs and vision for the years to come.

While we sell miles of Continental brand hose every year, our fabrication and testing service as a Continental STAR distributor is the cornerstone of the value we provide to our customers.

Our Many Services include:

  • Continental full line fabrication testing and certification.
  • TIPCO On-The-Spot testing and recertification.
  • 3-A food, dairy and beverage hose fabrication and certification.
  • API 1529 aircraft fueling hose fabrication, testing and certification.
  • LPG hose fabrication and certification.
  • Genuine Continental Instalok™ hose assemblies.
  • USCG hose fabrication, testing and certification.

In an effort to support speed to market expectations, TIPCO Technologies stocks a wide variety of Industrial Hose to perfectly match your most challenging application

Choose a Genuine Continental Contitech product below for more information

Air & Multipurpose Hose

  • Genuine Gorilla® Premium Multipurpose
  • Genuine Ortac® Premium Multipurpose Non-Conductive
  • Genuine Frontier™ EPDM Air & Water
  • Crimped Jackhammer Assemblies 300 PSI - Red & Yellow
  • F5™ Premium hybrid pneumatic thermoplastic hose – Blue
  • Pliovic® PVC pneumatic hose – blue, red, yellow, gray
  • Unitrix® 80 Multipurpose NBR
  • Ultrabraid® Bull Hose – Heavy duty Black CPE severe high-pressure air.
  • FLEXAgrip™ 400 PSI push on hose – black, blue, gray, green, red, white, brown, yellow
  • Insta-Grip™ 300 PSI push on hose – black, green, gray, red, blue, yellow

Chemical Transfer Hose

  • Hi-Per® - FEP Tube with blue with EPDM cover.
  • Genuine Chem One®- Ultra flexible XLPE tube with black EPDM cover.
  • Green XLPE Cross Link Polyethylene – XLPE tube with green EPDM cover.
  • Fabchem®- UHMW tube
  • Infinity Chemical® - UHMWPE Superior Flexibility corrugated cover.
  • Plicord® Extremeflex™ Brown – CPE.
  • Plicord® Extremeflex™ Corrugated with EPDM Purple.
  • Brown Flexwing® - CPE tube with EPDM cover.
  • DEF Transfer – Hand Built – UHMW tube with EPDM cover.
  • DEF Transfer Hose – Braided EPDM.
  • Conti® Chem Superior FEP smooth bore tube with EPDM cover..
  • VersaChem® - White non-porous smooth lining with blue corrugated EPDM cover.

Cleaning Equipment Hose

  • Neptune™ 6000 PSI pressure washer – black or blue
  • Neptune™ 4001-R – 4000 PSI pressure washer – black, blue or gray
  • Whitewater® - Steam Cleaner or combo unit hose – black or red

Food & Beverage Transfer Hose

  • Clearwater Potable Water – NSF61, FDA, 3-A, USDA standards UHMW tube with blue EPDM cover.
  • Genuine Collector® - FDA compliant NR white tube with blue weather resistant cover.
  • Genuine Deep Blue® - NSF61, FDA, 3-A, USDA standards UHMW tube with blue SBR cover.
  • Genuine Distillery 150 – FDA, USDA compliant standards UHMW tube with gray corrugated EPDM cover.
  • Drinkline® - FDA, 3-A, USDA White Chlorobutyl tube with EPDM cover.
  • Genuine Exstatic® - FDA, USDA, 3-A compliant standards UHMW tube blue SBR cover.
  • Extremeflex™ Beverage Grey – FDA white chlorobutyl tube gray cover.
  • Extremeflex™ Beverage with EZ Clean cover – FDA, 3-A, USDA white chlorobutyl tube with EZ Clean UHMW cover – Blue, red, green, yellow.
  • Extremeflex™  Food Grade – FDA, 3-A, USDA white Chemivic tube & cover – gray, white, red.


  • EZ Glide Wide® - FDA, USDA, 3A – White Chlorobutyl tube and cover – gray.
  • Grey Flextra® LT- FDA, USDA and 3-A – White Chemivac tube and cover – gray.
  • Gray Food – FDA, USDA, 3A – White Chemivic tube and cover – gray.
  • Harvest® - FDA White Pureten® (natural rubber) – FDA, USDA, 3-A tube with gray EPDM cover.
  • Genuine Lactopal® - White homogeneous non-porous nitrile lining, absolutely neutral to taste and odor FDA compliant with blue nitrile cover.
  • Genuine Purple Snake Brewers – White EPDM FDA tube with red EPDM cover.
  • Tan Flextra® Food Transfer – Dry transfer FDA/USDA gum rubber with tan SBR cover.
  • Vintner™ Reserve 250 CB – FDA, USDA, 3-A white chlorobutyl tube with EPDM cover – gray.
  • White Flexwing® - FDA, USDA, 3-A white Chemivic tube & cover.

Food Washdown Hose

  • Fortress® 3000 PSI with Microban® Product Protection – Nitrile tube with Carbryn™ cover including built in Microban® protection – yellow or blue.
  • Blue Fortress® 300 PSI with Microban® with FDA white nitrile tube and blue carbryn™ cover.
  • Fortress 300 PSI with Microban Product Protection – black synthetic tube with yellow Carbryn™ cover.
  • Sani-Wash 300 PSI – Black EPDM tube with white EPDM cover.
TIPCO Technologies adds another Continental Industrial Hose SMART Technology Test Bench to our existing portfolio of testing equipment.

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