Getting Started with the New TIPCO E-Store App: Our Latest Innovation for the Hose Solutions You Need

Every decision we make is geared toward ensuring that professionals in the industrial hose space can keep their operations running smoothly. We’ve been leading the pack as the Mid-Atlantic region’s foremost stocking distributor and fabricator for hose solutions of all kinds, and we’ve recently bolstered that reputation by unveiling the TIPCO E-Store. We heard that our clients and partners sought an online option rivaling the unmatched TIPCO Hose Center experience, and that’s precisely what the E-Store provides.

Now, we’re even more excited to complement our robust E-Store with a well-designed, easy-to-use mobile application. Here’s a quick primer on how to get up and running with the TIPCO E-Store app, so you can take advantage of our newest way to keep your operation up and running without a hitch.

Getting started: Downloading, registration and account basics
First, you’ll want to download the app itself, which you can do by simply clicking here and selecting your preferred app source: the Apple App Store (iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (Android devices). Then, just like the rest of your apps, you’ll simply need to register and get your account details set. This is very easy, for both existing and new TIPCO clients.

Existing customers will set up their accounts using their Customer ID from any TIPCO invoice, which will also automatically link existing billing and shipping info. Conversely, new customers can simply click the “New Retail Customer Account” option, complete the simple registration and then can login and shop immediately using a credit card.

Once you’re logged in and ready to shop, that’s where the advantages of the TIPCO E-Store app really shine.

Industry-leading app features for speed, convenience and service
While developing the app, the TIPCO E-Store team kept at the top of mind our customers’ needs: speed, convenience and service. Those principles yielded some impressive app features and functions, such as:

  • A barcode scanner search tool that allows you to use your device’s camera to scan the barcode on the product you need and be able to add it to your order with one tap
  • The ability to search using a picture of the item you need, similar to the barcode scanner
  • Speech-to-text search, for when you need hands-free functionality in the field

Those search features, which are only available in the app, make browsing the 40,000-item TIPCO catalog as easy as ever. And of course, you can search the catalog using a keyword or part number, just like most other mobile shopping apps.

We’ve also built one special feature into the app that we’ve already gotten outstanding reviews on from existing users. It’s the ability to use the app to check product inventory across all TIPCO locations, so you can check to see if the product you need is in stock before walking into the TIPCO Hose Center, without the need to call or email. It’s a great resource for operators on the move, when every mile and every minute makes a difference.

Finally, perhaps the defining feature of the TIPCO E-Store app experience is what also sets us apart from the competition: service. If you need help while using the E-Store app or have a question about an order placement, you’ll get help from the stellar TIPCO E-Store support and Customer Fulfillment teams. We set it up this way because we know that getting your operation what it needs is way too important to outsource—that’s not the TIPCO way.

Even if you never need to interact directly with one of our expert team members, using the E-Store app will keep you informed and updated about the status of any order. As soon as you place an order, you’ll get an order confirmation email, just like with most other online ordering systems. For easy reference and re-ordering, the E-Store app keeps a record of your prior orders, sortable by order date or P.O. number. Plus, you can manage shipping options and track order shipments from the app, as well.

With all the features and benefits of the TIPCO E-Store app, why wait to start using it? Click here to download it today and get started. We’ve also put together this handy FAQ page and of course, our trusted team is always on hand to assist at 410-356-0003 or We hope you enjoy the app!

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