Meet A Few Of The Folks Powering TIPCO’s New E-Store Experience

We recently launched the TIPCO E-Store to the delight of many loyal customers and professionals across the industrial hose sector. You can read more about the E-Store program by checking out this recent article. But what would the exciting new E-Store program be without a solid crew of knowledgeable professionals leading the way? 

That’s exactly why we’d like to take the chance to introduce members of the E-Store team who are taking TIPCO’s philosophy of honest and trusted personal service online. And although we know we’ll never go fully online, rest assured that you’ll receive the top-notch service and support from TIPCO that you’ve come to expect whether you visit one of our Hose Centers or visit our online catalog. 

With that in mind, let’s get to know Lydia, Luke and Josh! 

How and when did you start at TIPCO? 

Lydia Edwards: I started with TIPCO in September of 2020. I’m coming up on one year at TIPCO! I began as an intern and joined the team full-time in January 2021. 

Josh Huffaker: My now wife and I moved to Baltimore after I graduated from San Diego State University in 2010. A family friend who works for one of our manufacturers, Flexaust, connected me with TIPCO while I was out there in California. I started with TIPCO in May of 2011. 

Luke Mannion: I started at TIPCO in 2016 after working for one of our Aeroquip affiliates. The training TIPCO provided me as a customer enabled me to onboard quickly. 

What are a few primary roles and responsibilities of your position? 

Lydia: Everything and anything surrounding the TIPCO E-Store, our new e-commerce platform. My work includes the development and continuous improvement of the website, product information management, sales support, customer registration and adoption, and digital marketing. 

Josh: Director of Supply Chain and Analytics. My title does not encompass my full role within the company, however. I oversee and run our supply chain, inventory management, and our digital team including our brand-new E-Store. I also am responsible for managing our ERP software as well as doing all our financial reporting. 

Luke: I don’t have an official title yet, but I’ve been telling people that my position is Digital Product Data Specialist. Currently my role is highly focused on the items on our E-Store, making sure they're categorized appropriately, and all the data behind them is as accurate as possible. 

Has your role changed/evolved from when you started? 

Lydia: My role at TIPCO has changed a lot over the last year because the e-commerce project, a part of TIPCO’s digital transformation, has evolved and expanded. My role will continue to change as the E-Store does, but I look forward to all the ways we can augment and support TIPCO’s digital growth. 

Josh: Absolutely, I was a finance major in college, so when I first started with TIPCO I was working in accounts payable and receivables. I think I have worn every hat at TIPCO, with the exception of sales. The unique thing about my growth with TIPCO is I have been doing it remotely from San Diego for the past 8 years. 

Luke: I've only been in this position since March of 2021, so I've been getting through the learning curve of our system and am really starting to hit my stride. 

What is your favorite part of working at TIPCO? 

Lydia: Although I work remotely, I really enjoy the people I work with. Everyone is involved in the success of the company. The leadership at TIPCO promotes a sense of ownership of our work, which means everyone is driven to provide the best for the TIPCO customer. We are truly a team here at TIPCO. 

Josh: TIPCO’s vision to stay an industry leader has led to a lot of reinvestments in the company that have brought on many new and exciting challenges that not only grow the business but also grow careers. Our all-new E-Store is a perfect example, we have created 3 new positions with in TIPCO for this new venture, and my goal is to expand on that. Some other examples include an all-new superstore in Manassas that is much larger than our typical branch; the acquisition of XS Hydraulics; and adding new value-add divisions: OEM services, gasket and sealing, and metal hose. [TIPCO President] Rob [Lyons] and Terri [David, VP] both view TIPCO’s employees as the most important assets in growing the business. 

Luke: My favorite thing about working for TIPCO is that the constant desire to improve, be on the cutting edge of technology, and everything being done right the first time are all evidence of TIPCO's enduring commitment to our customers. 

What do you do outside of work for fun (activities, hobbies, sports, community service, etc.)? 

Lydia: Besides for hanging out with my two dogs, Grizzly and Burley, I love to garden. I have an extensive vegetable garden but also love growing flowers like dahlias and sunflowers. 

Josh: If I am not beating Rob in golf, I am spending time with my wife and 3 daughters who are 2, 4, and 6. As you can imagine, they keep us pretty busy! 

Luke: Family and friends are where I get refreshed. Thankfully football season is upon us, and we will get to tailgate and watch some games in person this year. Go Flames! 

As you can see, the TIPCO E-Store team has grown alongside the breadth of what this new online marketplace offers. Among Lydia, Josh and Luke—as well as everyone else supporting the E-Store behind the scenes—we’re extremely excited to deliver a fast, efficient digital experience. It’s a new tool rooted in the service and speed that have made TIPCO the Mid-Atlantic’s largest stocking distributor of industrial hose equipment. 

With your trust and support, we’ll continue adapting and innovating for the next 130-plus years. 

To explore the TIPCO E-Store, click here

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