When It Comes to Hose Assembly… We Make the Impossible, Possible

If you have a complex hydraulic hose, AC hose, or air brake hose assembly, your business shouldn’t suffer because of it. At TIPCO, we realize your time is precious. When you have an issue that prevents you from doing your job, the solution should be speedy and efficient. At TIPCO, we have you covered.

High Temps Don’t Have to Mean High Stress

In the summer, high temperatures can put extra stress on the systems we use to keep cool. Last week, a new customer came to us in despair. It was 100 degrees outside, and the AC was down in his tow truck, due to a failed assembly. The customer came to us frustrated and hot after being turned away from other hose distributors in the area, where he was told that they could not duplicate his OEM assembly. When he brought it to us, our technicians took a quick look and we not only had the part – but were able to fix it on the spot so he could get back on the road in no time!

E-Z Relief

TIPCO solved the problem with genuine EZ-Clip ® AC hose and genuine Lifesaver ™ braze fittings. They are designed to repair failed OEM aluminum air conditioning tubing and hose assembles in sizes 10mm-18mm.

  • Technician avoids the cost and lead-time associated with ordering OEM aluminum air conditioning lines.
  • System provides end-user with a proven, high quality replacement part.
  • E-Z Clip components are assembled by hand.

At TIPCO, we specialize in focused, flexible solutions. Your business is our business and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you are running at 100%. Visit a TIPCO Hose Solution Center
near you !

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