What You Need, When You Need It – A Look at TIPCO’s Ready Ship Program

All industries evolve, and with those evolutionary changes come changes in customer expectations. The world of industrial hose equipment is no exception. Continued advances in technology and engineering mean that professionals expect hose hardware to meet their needs for enhanced durability, tighter tolerances, and minimal—or no—downtime. Plus, today’s round-the-clock demands require superior supply chain and distribution support.

That’s exactly why we at TIPCO invested in our Ready Ship program so that we can do our part to ensure that our clients always have what they need, when they need it. 

Specifically, Ready Ship is an industry-leading solution that provides prefabricated hose assemblies based on our clients’ most common needs. We offer a deep roster of prefab assemblies for a wide range of industries, while also helping your operation manage its inventory of the hose equipment it uses most. And combined with our brand-new TIPCO E-store, Ready Ship is a complete, fast, reliable solution from the distributor you trust.

Focused on speed, backed by data

We know that every hose assembly serves a specific purpose in your operation. We also know that how soon you can obtain the assemblies you need is often the deciding factor between getting the job done right, right now, and having to manage unwanted downtime. That is why we designed Ready Ship with speed in mind.

To that end, we looked at years’ worth of historical data across all the sectors we serve to help determine which hose assemblies to include in Ready Ship. The result is a deep portfolio of finished goods that are always standing by and ready to complete the job successfully—just like you.

Besides the inventory of Ready Ship assemblies themselves, TIPCO brings to the table our unparalleled inventory management, distribution network, and logistics power. Again, it is what you need, when you need it, whether found in one of our Express Hose Centers or shipped straight to you within one day.

The quality you expect for your unique application

In addition to how our Ready Ship program provides the right goods at the right time, every last pre-fab assembly is crafted to TIPCO’s exacting standards. It is the same quality you’d get from one of our fully custom assemblies, just in a readymade, ready-to-use package. 

Furthermore, our Ready Ship portfolio includes the highest-quality hardware from leading manufacturers like Continental, with every hose assembly fabricated by our experienced pros to exceed industry guidelines.

And speaking of industry guidelines, we designed Ready Ship to serve a huge range of sectors and applications. We have already gotten praise for Ready Ship from professionals working in the following fields:

  • Petrochemical
  • Environmental
  • Construction/equipment rental supply and repair
  • Foodservice and beverage
  • Micro/craft brew, distillery, and winery
  • Aircraft refueling
  • Pressure washing
  • …and more!

When it comes to conveying air, water, petroleum, chemicals, food, beer, wine, or various other media, TIPCO’s Ready Ship program gives you confidence that everything will keep flowing as it should. 

TIPCO’s firm standing as the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest industrial hose fabricator further enhances the confidence that every professional can have in our Ready Ship hose assemblies and how we serve ever-changing distribution demands.

What is the best way to see if Ready Ship will suit your operation’s unique needs? Click here to visit the Ready Ship section of our new TIPCO E-store, stop by one of our 11 Express Hose Centers, or call 410-356-0003 to chat with one of our experts.

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