Triple Threat! Employee Spotlight for August, 2020

Our employee spotlight for August highlights three TIPCO team members who serve our customers in the Hanover, Pennsylvania territory. These exemplary employees have played a tremendous role in the success of TIPCO’s northern expansion. As an organization, TIPCO is committed to growing our geography, and we have done this through opening new brick and mortar stores and our recent acquisition of XS Hose and Hydraulics, but at the core we know this growth is only made possible by the hard work and dedication of our employees. Read on to learn more about three of our superstars.

Kyle Fendlay

Kyle began his TIPCO career in the parts department nine years ago. He steadily progressed into positions of more responsibility, with stops in production, counter sales, and sales. Kyle has held his current position of Pennsylvania Territory Manager for five years. On a typical day, his activities are diverse and include client meetings, problem solving, managing client inventory and processes, and educating customers about new technology.

TIPCO’s culture, vision, and company leadership are qualities that Kyle appreciates. He really enjoys the clients he works with, his co-workers, and the room for growth within the organization. When asked what important lesson he has learned at work, he explained that TIPCO’s leadership instills a sense of pride in its employees so that employees take ownership when things go wrong, work as a team to fix the situation, and learn from the experience.

When asked to speak about what makes him a success he responded, “Success is when you can step back and look at what you’ve accomplished and you are able to take pride and joy in the things you’ve accomplished.” Kyle’s favorite quote is, “Discipline equals freedom,” attributed to retired Navy Seal Commander Jocko Willink. Kyle tries to live his life by this principle. An athlete since his youth, Kyle attributes his competitive nature, self-discipline, and hard work ethic to his experience on the playing field.

Kyle spends his spare time with his wife and four children – balancing work and family is important to him. Still an athlete, he enjoys fitness and weightlifting. His dream vacation would be backpacking through New Zealand or Utah.

Zach David

A dedicated TIPCO employee for six years, Zach David began his tenure in Shipping and Receiving and then progressed to Assembly. Zach then spent close to a year behind the counter and began working in outside sales last June. In his current position Zach’s typical day includes planning to ensure that the week is successful, assisting customers, and generating business via phone, email, or by delivering sales information in-person. Some of Zach’s clients include major food manufacturers Utz, Snyder’s, and Land O’Lakes, and he relishes the challenge of trying to make his territory, a new location for TIPCO, successful.

When asked what makes TIPCO a special place to work, Zach emphasized the camaraderie of his team. He explained that his colleagues work together to achieve their business goals. Each team member is empowered with the freedom to succeed, which fosters confidence and promotes a positive attitude within the team. It is not surprising that Zach defines success as coming together as a team to complete work effectively and efficiently.

Zach prides himself in being adaptable, quick on his feet, and always one step ahead of the game – all attributes that make him a stellar sales associate. He continuously strives to do better – he explains, “You gotta work the goal!”

When he’s not hard at work, Zach feels most relaxed on the golf course. He also enjoys watching movies – Step Brothers is his favorite. His go-to food is pizza, and he abhors spinach. Someday he would like to travel to Bora Bora or the Maldives.

Drew Walter

Our final spotlight employee is Drew Walter, a Branch Manager from Hanover, Pennsylvania. Four years ago, Drew joined TIPCO in assembly. He then transitioned to Assistant Assembly Manager before becoming a Branch Manager a year ago. His average day consists of working with customers both in person and on the phone, working with stock, and pricing. His favorite aspect of his job is the fact that it is never boring because there are always new challenges to meet.

Drew values the family feel among TIPCO employees and appreciates that the staff works together to meet the “customer first” mindset. He defines success as a team attribute, and when the TIPCO team succeeds he shares in the success.

Drew prides himself in being personable – he is a great listener and that helps him assist his customers. He was raised to value how he is perceived by his peers, and he works hard to contribute to the team. He appreciates that the diversity of experience among TIPCO employees means that every problem can be solved if the team works together.

Known as a fun, outgoing guy, Drew spends his spare time with his girlfriend, playing video games, on the golf course, or on the slopes skiing. His favorite movie is Forest Gump. He would like to travel to Europe someday because he finds history fascinating. If you invite Drew to dinner, he would appreciate it if you would serve crabs!

At TIPCO Technologies, we value and respect our employees. If you have a “can do” attitude and are interested in joining our team, please visit our careers page for more information!

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