Triple Spotlight Part Two: Meet Three Outstanding TIPCO Territory Managers in Delaware Valley

This month, TIPCO’s Employee Spotlight focuses on three Territory Managers representing TIPCO in The Delaware Valley. These employees are the first point of contact with our customers and contribute to the exponential growth TIPCO has seen in their regions. At TIPCO we realize that exemplary employees are the linchpin of our success. Read more about three of our best and brightest below!

Chris O’Brien

Chris O’Brien has been with TIPCO for seven years and in the hose fitting industry for more than thirty years. With a territory that includes New Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Northern Maryland, Chris is high energy and never stops moving. His secret to success is making a plan and attacking his day head-on.

On a typical day Chris interacts with the customers who purchase and personally work with TIPCO products. He takes pride in building relationships with his customers and makes an effort to know his customer base, how they use his products, and what is important to them. He feels, that truly listening to his customers is an attribute he acquired while working for TIPCO. To date, his proudest contribution to TIPCO is the successful launch of the Delaware Branch. He attributes the success and profitability of the branch to his dedication to the customers he serves. Each day at TIPCO brings with it new opportunities and challenges.

Chris came to TIPCO after working for a competitor for 25 years, during which time he was impressed with TIPCO’s reputation. His decades in the industry have given him a great appreciation for the leadership team at TIPCO, which he believes puts the company at the top of its class. Chris emphasizes that the involvement and accessibility of TIPCO’s owners make the company special.

Chris and his lovely wife have two children ages seven and seventeen. His daughter Shelby is named after a Mustang and he enjoys coaching both kids’ lacrosse teams. He identifies himself as a “family guy,” loves crabs, and someday hopes to travel to the US Virgin Islands because he likes to be anywhere with sunshine and water. He loves the movie Gran Torino and his perfect afternoon would be having a beer with Tim Allen while talking about cars.

Chuck Hoffman

Chuck Hoffman came to TIPCO almost four years ago after spending thirty years in the industrial distribution industry where he worked in the field and in customer relations. As a Territory Manager, he covers Philadelphia, New Jersey, and North Eastern Pennsylvania, mostly in the oil and refining, gas, and food and beverage industries.

Chuck really appreciates TIPCO’s “team” mentality and the diversity his job offers – each day is unique! He takes immense pride in working for TIPCO and knows that he can be proud of the job he does and the company he represents. Chuck emphasized that the entire team, from Rob and Terri to the inside counter people, make the company special. He explains, “There’s nothing anybody won’t do for you! Everybody goes above and beyond!”

For entertainment, Chuck enjoys movies - the Godfather is his favorite film, and he will never say “no” to a good prime rib. If he could have a beer with anyone dead or alive, he would choose Roger Waters and David Gilmore from the band Pink Floyd, and he would quiz them on why they don’t get along and the real reason the band broke up.

Family is important to Chuck. His favorite pastime is spending time with his five grandchildren, his wife, and two children. A true fan of the game of golf, he plays whenever possible. One day he hopes to travel to St. Andrews in Scotland, which is considered the oldest golf course in the world and is known as “The Home of Golf.” His other pastimes include fishing and shooting. Chuck believes that if you have your health, happiness, and family, you are successful!

Jake Coburn

Jake Coburn is one of our newest Territory Managers. He joined TIPCO seven months ago and his territory includes New Jersey and Delaware. A fourteen-year veteran of the industry, he brings knowledge of TIPCO’s products and a long list of contacts to his current position. Jake’s proudest moment is starting his Territory Manager job with TIPCO!

A typical workday begins at 6:30 a.m. as he prepares his children for virtual school and hits the roads of New Jersey. He spends his time reviewing client notes and attending appointments. Jake appreciates that TIPCO is a one-stop shop for his customers, which are largely from the agriculture, pharmaceutical, refinery, construction, and marine maintenance industries. After his sales calls, Jake returns home to his children and dog, who sometimes make him miss the quiet of his “office on wheels!”

Asked for his definition of success, Jake emphasized that success comes from failure because as long as you are failing, you are learning. He adds that TIPCO has taught him to avoid becoming overconfident. Jake enjoys that at TIPCO he gets to work with great people, learns something new every day, and works for management who wants to see employees succeed.

Jake describes himself as a down to earth guy who enjoys relaxing with his family, which includes his girlfriend, his two children, and a baby on the way! He hunts deer and birds in his spare time and would love to visit Greensboro, Alabama someday. His favorite movies are Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, and his favorite food is purple Airheads. When asked who he would like to meet, Jake responded that he would like to sit down with a veteran of World War II, hear their account of daily life during the war, and thank them for their service.

At TIPCO Technologies, we value and respect our employees. If you have a “can do” attitude and are interested in joining our team, please visit our careers page for more information!

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