TIPCO TIPKITS: Metrics Made Easy

Equipping your service vehicles with the caps and plugs while needing to operate your hoses safely is simple with TIPCO’s upgraded TIPKITS and TIP Caddies. Designed by our engineers with customers in mind, TIPKITS offer customizable cap and plug kits that fit your equipment no matter what the size, application, or manufacturer. With a TIPCO TIPKIT in your service vehicle, you will always have the correct part at your fingertips. We make metrics easy!

TIPKITS are Uniquely Customizable

At TIPCO we understand that having caps and plugs that fit your specific equipment readily available on your service trucks is imperative to running a clean, safe and profitable operation. TIPCO’s upgraded TIPKITS are made specifically for each customer. We carry caps and plugs to fit equipment made by major manufacturers, so no matter what industry you serve or what equipment you use, our team can assemble a custom TIPKIT that matches your equipment specifications. When you need caps and plugs that will fit your equipment and guarantee a safe, tight seal, come to a TIPCO Hose Center, and let us customize a TIPKIT specific to your needs.

Ingenious Design Means Optimal Convenience

TIPCO’s engineers designed TIPKTS and TIP Caddies with convenience in mind. TIPCO upgraded TIPKITS are housed in an 18”x 12”x 3” divided compartment box with a prime cold rolled steel outer shell that is powder coated with a clean, durable, gray finish. A tightly fitting piano hinge cover and positive pull-down catch provide rigidity and prevents part migration within the kit. The kit’s clearly visible label includes color coding and part number details for sensible organization and easy reordering. To make sure you have the caps and plugs you need organized and ready to go, our innovative Tip Caddy offers the ultimate in organization with cold steel reinforced slide racks that move in and out smoothly, offering stacking and locking options.

Safe, Clean, and Reliable

Capping and plugging your hoses upon removal prevents spillage, reduces contamination, and minimizes the need for cleanup. Caps and plugs are also critical in protecting your equipment from dirt, moisture and corrosion. Because TIPCO TIPKITS are made specifically for each of our customers, they save time and effort by ensuring a good fit. At TIPCO we know the importance of operating safely and cleanly, and we make it our priority to provide equipment to get the job done well. Our company’s reputation for excellence has been built on our ability to provide, design, engineering and manufacturing solutions.

At TIPCO we consider ourselves part of your team. Our staff has the expertise to engineer innovative, custom solutions to make your company more efficient and profitable. Call us today at 410-356-0003 and let us create a customized solution for you!

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