TIPCO Technologies & Dixon Safety Surveys

Ensuring the safety of the equipment being used at your manufacturing plant can be challenging. With limited resources, it can be difficult to manage the hoses, machinery, and other technologies being used at any given time. Quality assurance teams can alleviate some of the burden; however, they often lack the expertise needed to ensure all equipment is running as safely and efficiently as possible. 

The team at TIPCO Technologies is committed to helping their customers find solutions to all their business’s needs, including safety challenges. Through their partnership with Dixon, TIPCO offers Dixon SafetySurveys to customers who purchase Dixon’s products. The survey assesses how safely Dixon’s products are being used and offers recommendations and resources to resolve any issues found. The surveys are available to TIPCO customers at no additional charge.

What is the Safety Survey Program?

The Dixon Safety Survey program is a sponsored on-site hose assembly program offered exclusively to clients of Dixon’s hose distributors, including TIPCO Technologies. The survey is conducted on-site by representatives from TIPCO and Dixon, both specially trained in how to operate Dixon equipment. The team has many years of experience identifying safety concerns and can quickly identify some of the most common issues you might experience with your products.

What Does the Program Include?

The team will conduct a walk-through of your plant, visually inspecting the assembly of the hoses and any additional accessories in your plant before using the findings to create an individualized report of how safely the products are being used. The report is confidential and includes a thorough write-up of the team’s observations. If any improvements are needed, a Dixon representative will outline the necessary actions to take and offer access to educational programs related to the issues found at your facility.  

Why Should I Enroll in the Dixon Safety Survey Program?

Safety is critical when operating a manufacturing plant; however, we understand it can be challenging to ensure your equipment meets the necessary safety precautions. One malfunctioning hose coupling can lead to serious consequences for your operations - and your plant employees – if left un repaired. Thanks to TIPCO Technologies and the Dixon Safety Survey program, your team will be able to create a safe, efficient work environment at no cost to you.

How Does This Program Benefit TIPCO TechnologiesCustomers?

Through TIPCO Technologies’ partnership with Dixon, we can provide our customers high-quality hose coupling products that meet their business needs. We strive to provide customers the products and solutions they  need to help their businesses operate more efficiently. Thanks to our partnership with Dixon, our customers have the opportunity to help their manufacturing plants run safely and effectively. The Dixon Safety Program is an added benefit to our customers that help us achieve our commitment to going above and beyond for our customers.

How Can I Participate in the Program?

For more information on the program, contactTIPCO Technologies at 410-356-0003 or sales@tipcotec.com.
To shop Dixon products, visit our Dixon page on the TIPCO E-Store.

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