TIPCO Technologies Announces Concrete Placement Program

TIPCO Technologies has announced a new concrete placement hose program. The TIPCO Sales and OEM Services teams have been working to bring Kuriyama of America’s Conqueror™ line of products to a growing concrete market throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. TIPCO Technologies will be stocking T74SAA and T740AA concrete pumping assemblies fabricated at TIPCO’s OEM Services building in Glen Burnie, Maryland.   

Learning is Earning
Training and education are at the core of TIPCO’s initiative to bring a new product line to the Mid-Atlantic region. TIPCO Technologies dedicated multiple days to trainings at TIPCO’s OEM Services on the concrete hose assembly process. The OEM team learned from product and assembly experts on how to properly assembly a concrete pumping hose, ensuring quality and safety. TIPCO operates under a quality management system and meets ISO 9001:2015 standards at OEM Services. 

Ready to Serve
With long lead times impacting the concrete market, TIPCO understands the importance of locally fabricating and stocking the concrete pumping assemblies to be prepared to serve customers throughout the region. TIPCO will be stocking pre-assembled and tested concrete placement hoses at select Hose Center locations.

To learn more about the concrete placement products offered by TIPCO, visit our Concrete Page Click HERE

For more information about TIPCO’s products or services, please email sales@tipcotec.com

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