The Power of IDCO – Providing a Competitive Advantage

IDCO (Industrial Distributor Cooperative) is a co-op for independent distributors serving the industrial community with hose, fittings, gaskets, rubber materials, and related products. As a member, Tipco has experienced firsthand the power of IDCO and how it serves the 70 plus members of the co-op.  Unlike other industry co-ops, IDCO serves our singular niche. It gives a voice to many independents while allowing them to concentrate on the growth of their business.

As our industry continually becomes more competitive, we at Tipco recognize the value of many voices as one. At the forefront of what IDCO provides is negotiating the best value to our customers for the premium products we sell through pricing, rebates and freight allowances. In fact, IDCO will assist with pricing and terms so all members can compete against national integrators. And with IDCO negotiating for the best possible value, our employees can concentrate on serving our customers in other ways.

IDCO members can also take advantage of promotional pricing opportunities from endorsed suppliers during the IDCO sponsored Annual Expo and throughout the year.  Promotional pricing allows us another chance to pass the savings to our customers.  

Another advantage of the power of IDCO is the network of members and suppliers.  IDCO endorses the best manufacturers and suppliers specific to our industry. By tapping into the knowledge of well-respected experts in our industry, we have access to new products and are offered training programs by endorsed suppliers. What better way to share knowledge with our customers than through our own experience?

The other side of the IDCO network is the members. As a member of IDCO, we have    the opportunity to connect with a community that shares our common goals to achieve tremendous success. At Tipco Technologies, we understand the value of sharing ideas with others in our field. By sharing ideas, challenges and solutions, Tipco Technologies will remain at the forefront of our industry.  

As a member of IDCO, we participate in sharing best practices to help improve industry norms nationwide. There is a leadership conference where the principals strategically plan the growth, profitability, and operational efficiencies.  In addition to the leadership conference, there is an Annual Expo where suppliers can showcase their products.  Members have the opportunity to network with other members, learn what’s new in the industry and receive training classes.

And speaking of training classes, IDCO University offers ongoing classes to ensure product expertise and ultimately increase sales.  In other words, it’s one more way IDCO helps us stay ahead of the curve. 


  • Co-op specific to our industry
  • Negotiates prices with manufacturers/suppliers
  • Helps members tap into promotional pricing from suppliers throughout the year
  • Assists members with terms to help compete against big competitors
  • Sponsors Annual Expo for suppliers to showcase what’s “new”
  • IDCO offers training classes to ensure product expertise

Tipco Technologies recognizes that puttingcustomers first is paramount to our success.  Our membership in IDCO helps us better serveour customers.

If you have any questions, call410-356-0003 and speak with one of our engineers.

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