Swivel Joints Protect Hose Assemblies and Machine Elements

Eaton SwivelJoints protect hose assemblies while protecting machine elements.  At Tipco Technologies, we provide complete fluid solutions for customers in manufacturing, the energy industry, agriculture, construction, and more.  While the demand for high-efficiency hydraulic systems will continue to grow, Eaton swivel joints offer everything we look for in a superior product: innovation, cutting edge technology, and reliability.

Hose assemblies can fail and cause machine elements to break, resulting in machine downtime, which is costly for any business.  Swivel joints allow hoses to pivot, preventing the stress related to bending, twisting, stretching, or kinking. And just as machines are not all the same, the same can be said for swivel joints. For instance, there are swivel joints that are single-plane and swivel fittings for rotating manifolds where the fluid flows through multiple circuit lines.

While swivel joints' movement is essential in protecting hoses, another equally critical part of swivel joints is the rotary seal. Whether the swivel joint is a single joint or part of a rotary manifold, the seal has to be tight enough to prevent leakage between the rotating and stationary valves yet providing as little drag as possible so that it can move freely as necessary.

Swivel Joints: Advantages of using Eaton Swivel Joints

1. Better System Plumbing:
• Less hose is needed when swivel joints are used, and the the system is more space-efficient
• Can eliminate the need for tubing configurations to accommodate 90° and other angles.
• Can be directly connected to hose lines, frequently eliminating the need for adapters.

2. Prevent Hose Twisting and Kinking: The swivel action swivel joints prevent hose twisting and kinking.

3. Less Downtime: The problem of hose twisting and kinking is eliminated, and hose line replacement becomes significantly less.

4. Absorb System Shock: Swivel joints are not rigid and are capable of absorbing some hose shortening when the system is pressurized.

5. Cost Savings: Swivel joints allow for less hose, fewer adapters and tubing configurations, and less downtime.

While Eaton offers many different types of swivel joints in various sizes, it's imperative to choose the right swivel joint for the job.  Not adhering to the manufacturer's specifications can result in leakage and failure of the hose or the joint.  Other variables for consideration are pressure: the fluid's operating pressure must not exceed the rating of the swivel joint. The chemical composition of the fluid transmitting and the external environment are factors to be considered.

Also, be sure the seal meets temperature requirements. Extreme heat can cause failure to a seal. Fluid compatibility is necessary to prevent damage to the swivel joint. To provide optimal performance, it needs to be the right size and have the correct torque amount. Swivel joints need to move freely, but the seals must be tight.  Where side loading is a factor, extra attention is required to avoid stress on the swivel joint.

Eaton swivel joints provide the latesttechnology across a broad spectrum of industries.  They will protect your hoses and machineelements for many years to come.  

For expert advice on the right swivel joints for your machines, call Tipco and speak with one of our engineers at410-356-0003.

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