How TIPCO’s Strong Company Culture Has Fueled Its Success, And What It Means to Be a Member of the TIPCO Family

Even in a sector as specialized and demanding as the world of industrial hose fabrication and distribution, technical prowess will only get an organization so far. True, sustained success depends not only on the strength of what the organization produces and sends into the world, but also on the strength of its people.  

It’s a strong company culture that has allowed TIPCO Technologies to reach its standing as the Mid-Atlantic’s leading industrial hose distributor and fabricator. How the organization builds up its team members—and how they build each other up—ensures that the growing team of TIPCO experts can keep providing all sorts of focused, flexible solutions.

A Strong Foundation

Before TIPCO took its current name or expanded its footprint across the entire region, Robert A. Lyons Sr. purchased the company in 1983. Back then, it was known as the George P. Thomas Rubber Company and was renamed Thomas Industrial Products a few years later. That’s where the “TIP” in TIPCO comes from, and in 1999 the company officially became known as TIPCO Technologies, Inc.

The new name represented the organization’s evolution into serving more sophisticated industrial hose needs—it’s still evolving today—and set the stage for an exciting future. And despite all of the changes since 1983, one hallmark of the strong company culture is that TIPCO has been family owned since then. In 2001, Robert A. Lyons Sr. and Jane Lyons transitioned leadership of the business to his children, Robert A. Lyons Jr. and Theresa Lyons.

Under the Lyons’ leadership, TIPCO has grown to serve many new markets and solve many new challenges for its clients. Key to that growth has been how TIPCO helps its team members grow, too.

Colleagues? We call them family.

A strong company culture is supported by a team of employees who are satisfied every day with the work they do. TIPCO believes that team members, people part of the “TIPCO family,” should be given every opportunity to continually grow and learn. This makes it possible for them to feel empowered to independently and confidently tackle their job duties, while knowing that they have a group of colleagues by their side to support them.

But this is more than just a high-level goal or mission statement: It’s put into practice across the board. TIPCO provides both new and current employees with the most up-to-date specialty training and education in the industrial hose field. For example, all members of the TIPCO fabrication, sales and counter teams receive Eaton’s Fluid Conveying Products “Level 200” training. What’s more, team members at all levels are encouraged to “think like an owner” and apply a mentality of accountability to any situation or challenge.

On the day-to-day level, TIPCO team members remark on how the family mentality helps them provide the necessary solutions to virtually every type of industrial hose operation.

“We always hit the ground running,” said Scott Stewart, a member of TIPCO’s customer fulfillment team. “Each day is constantly busy, but we are solutions-based so it’s rewarding to provide solutions for everything from one-man operations to major corporations. We strive to work together as a team to serve our customers and outpace the competition.”

Chuck Hoffman, a TIPCO territory manager, noted that in his experience, he’s seen what it’s like when neither strong leadership nor strong culture are in place: “I came here after working at a large organization where they had lost touch with that aspect, and it made things difficult,” he said. “The leadership here is unequaled and the family/team culture at TIPCO is second-to-none in my opinion. My favorite quality about my coworkers is how everyone is willing to go the extra mile to get things done.”

“If you don’t know something, chances are someone here has experienced it and can help out,” said Kevin Kenyon, a TIPCO branch manager. Like Scott and Chuck mentioned, Kevin added that everyone is in touch and working together to “solve every customer’s needs, no matter how unique. TIPCO is more like a family than a company.”

That said, if you’re interested in experiencing what it’s like to work in the fast-paced world of industrial hose equipment, click here to visit our careers page. The TIPCO family is growing, and it’s a great one to be a part of!

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