Protecting Your Investment—And Much More—With Danfoss Brand Accessories Supplied by TIPCO

By nature, any industrial hose application is under pressure. And for operators, that’s enough. But when you add in the demands of meeting deadlines, exceeding customer expectations and hitting production goals, the pressure goes beyond just what’s in the hose.

So that means when a hose assembly or piece of industrial hose equipment fails, it also impedes the goals of your operation—which intensifies the pressure. Fortunately, simple ways exist to relieve or even eliminate the added stress and tension felt when something goes wrong: Danfoss Brand (formerly Eaton) hydraulic hose accessories.

Protection & peace of mind

Many people say that the best way to ensure peace of mind is to have a plan. We’d argue that the second-best way to ensure peace of mind is to have quality, proven protection from the unpredictable. That’s exactly what Danfoss accessories provide for a wide range of industrial hose applications.

Among their Guardian Sleeve, spiral wrap, spring guards and other available accessories (available at all 11 TIPCO Hose Centers) these are simple ways to protect your operation, your equipment and the environment from the effects and dangers of hose failure.

Having high-quality Danfoss accessories installed means that should a hose fail, effects of its failure will be minimized. Your employees—and the environment—will be protected from potentially hazardous and/or high-pressure media. Costly large-scale cleanup of hydraulic fluid can become a thing of the past. Plus, the risk of equipment damage due to hose failure is greatly reduced, therefore minimizing or eliminating agonizing downtime.

It’s not just about hose failure, either. Adding the proper protective accessories to your hose assemblies allows your operation to get more life out of those assemblies, and more out of the investment you’ve put into them.

In reality, by specifying Danfoss accessories, you’re protecting your bottom line. Isn’t that peace of mind priceless?

Proven performance

Although they go by a new name, Danfoss hose accessories come with the industry-leading reputation of Eaton and its proven catalog. 

Danfoss product manager Chris Schwab has seen firsthand on the difference that these accessories can make in the field:

When we talk to our customers about their hydraulic hose assembly needs, safety is always top of mind.  That includes not only the safety of equipment, operators, and maintenance technicians, but also the safety of the environment.  While choosing the proper hose and connectors for any given application is always the top priority, utilization of Guardian Sleeve products should be considered a best practice when working to protect what’s important to them.”  

- Chris Schwab, Danfoss Senior Product Manager

In addition to the proven performance offered by Danfoss accessories, TIPCO also makes extensive efforts to ensure that these accessories are expertly specified. TIPCO devotes specific training time to all of the professionals and engineers making up its Hose Center Teams. This is done so that they can ensure every operator has the chance to take advantage of the protection and peace of mind that these accessories provide.

Your industrial hose operation is already under enough pressure. There’s no need to add to it: Get Danfoss Brand industrial hose accessories equipped before a hose failure.

As one of a select few Premier Diamond distributors in North America for Danfoss Brand products (including Eaton Aeroquip), TIPCO will make sure you have the exact focused, flexible solution that your operation needs. Call 410-356-0003 today to speak with one of our highly trained product engineers. Call 410-356-0003 today to speak with one of our highly trained product engineers. To view Danfoss Brand products on the TIPCO E-Store, click here

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