Protect Your Employees, Your Operation, and the Environment with the Eaton Guardian Sleeve

TIPCO supplies the equipment you need to safely operate your hydraulic hoses and lines, which are subject to tremendous stress and wear during their use in high pressure, high temperature, or high pulsation applications. TIPCO is a proud authorized retailer of the Eaton Guardian Sleeve, the most advanced equipment available in hydraulic hose protection. Eaton engineered its Guardian Sleeve to mitigate against the tough conditions your equipment encounters daily, and designed this revolutionary product to protect your employees, safeguard the environment, and keep your operation running.

The Eaton Guardian Sleeve’s ultra-tight weave disperses pressure and fluids that may escape during a hose burst or pinhole leak, and minimizes the damage caused by extreme heat and water abrasion. Its innovative design extends the lifespan of your equipment and protects your employees from the damage caused by spills, slippage, or hose movement that may result from hydraulic hose failure. The sleeve is available for -4 through -24 hose sizes, making it versatile enough for a wide variety of applications.

Protects in High-Pressure Applications

Highly Compatible:

Compatible with most chemicals associated with fluid-conveyance applications

Chemical  Compatibility 
Gasoline Very Good
Oil Very Good
Mineral and vegetable oil Very Good
Ionic metallic solutions Very Good
Alcohols Very Good
Diluted bases Very Good
Diluted acids Good
Benzene Very Good
Acetone Very Good
Ether Very Good
Carbon tetrachloride Very Good
Chloring based solvent Very Good
Mold, Bacteria, Moths Very Good
*Strong and concentrated acids such as HCl or formic acid may have some corrosive action

*Strong and concentrated acids such as HCl or formic acid may have some corrosive action

Meets Safety Standards:

  • Meets line of sight operator specification EN982 ISO norm 833 EN414 and ISO 3457
  • Meets ASTM D6770 for abrasion resistance of textile webbing
  • Meets abrasion standard ISO 6945
  • Meets Fed-STD191-Test Method 5309 for abrasion
  • MSHA approved # IC-234/0 – Meets standard application procedures for acceptance of Flame Resistance Solid Products taken into mines
  • Meets Conductivity Requirements of ISO 8031

Suitable for Applications in a Variety of Industries

Agriculture Automotive Construction
Earth Moving Entertainment Forestry
Machine Tools Material Handling Metals
Mining Molding Port Machinery
Power Generation Primary Metals Truck and Bus

With the Eaton’s “line of sight” sleeving, both equipment operators and the environment are guarded from the adverse effects of hose failures.

For more information about the Eaton Guardian Sleeve and how it works for your application, give us a call at 410-356-0003, Chat Below or Download the Eaton Guardian Sleeve Sheet.

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