NOSHOK Pressure Gauge Measurement Solutions – Exceptional Quality, Reliability, and Value

Accurate and easy to read pressure gauges are crucial components of processing systems and are vital to help prevent failure in everyday operations. As an authorized distributor, all TIPCO hose center locations stock NOSHOK pressure gauge measurement solutions, which are expertly constructed and carefully tested to ensure reliability, safety, and peace-of-mind.


NOSHOK’s vast product portfolio of pressure gauges accommodate a wide range of process requirements. NOSHOK's industry-proven dial indicating gauges include dry and liquid filled, high and low pressure, process, and precision test gauges available with a variety of corrosion-resistant case type, lenses, connections, and scale options. NOSHOK also offers digital, differential, sanitary gauges and a wide range of accessories and options including panel mounting, flanges, MIPs, orifices, swivel adaptors, steam syphons and diaphragm seals.

Accuracy and Performance

NOSHOK gauges are engineered to overcome the three process factors that can adversely affect the accuracy and performance of pressure gauges:

  • Temperature Influence: Temperature changes affect the stiffness of a Bourdon tube. For every 100 °F shift in temperature from which the gauge is calibrated, the user can experience up to a 2% additional error in reading. While ambient temperature is difficult to control, NOSHOK gauges address the influence of process temperature.
  • Vibration Influence: Equipment vibration can cause excess wear failure of working parts of a pressure gauge and can also cause difficulty in accurate reading of the gauge. One of the most common causes of pressure gauge failure is exposure to continuous vibration. Liquid filled gauges address not only pointer oscillation, but also serve to protect and lubricate the internal geared movement.
  • Pulsation Influence: Process pulsation can occur around the discharge of pumps as well as quick operating valves. NOSHOK pressure gauges are designed to mitigate against this pulsation.

Measurement Solutions Across Many Industries:

Chemical Processing
Fluid Power
Food and Beverage
General Industrial
Oil and Gas
Water and Wastewater

Engineered by Experts

Established in 1967, NOSHOK is best known for unequaled innovation and superior construction. The company provides extended three-year warranties on their pressure gauges, demonstrating just how much faith they have in their products.

NOSHOK pressure gauges meet and exceed the requirements of OEMs and industrial users seeking exceptional quality, reliability, and value. Contact TIPCO’s trained fabricators at 410-356-0003 or Chat below and let us engineer a solution for your application.

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