Hose Drainer Protects Employees from Injury & Protects the Environment

The Hose Drainer by PT Coupling promotes the health of employees whileprotecting the environment from hazardous spills.  At Tipco Technologies, we take pride inpartnering with companies that excel in manufacturing parts for equipment anddiscovering solutions to industry problems.

Large product delivery hoses are drained before they are returned to the truckfor the next delivery.  Historically,this process involved the driver or operator bending and lifting the hoserepetitively from the trailer to the connection site. The significant wear andtear on the arms and back long–term can be responsible for many differentinjuries. PT Coupling’s patented Hose Drainer aids in draining large productdelivery hoses safely. It promotes good posture and avoids the necessity ofawkward bending and lifting. The Hose Drainer also eliminates the hazard oftripping on the hose.  The operator walksalongside the hose and is not bending, and lifting, and walking.

PT’S Hose Drainer is lightweight, easy to use, adjustable, and fits mosttrailer cabinets. It works by placing the Roller behind the hose lift.  The user then walks alongside the hose fromthe trailer toward the tank.  The HoseDrainer uses gravity to drain any residual fluid in the hose into the tank. Ratherthan bending and lifting, the operator is walking upright while holding the HoseDrainer.

While protecting employee health and well-being is paramount, the HoseDrainer also has another equally important role.  It helps protect the environment. Aspreviously mentioned, making large product deliveries can easily take aphysical toll on an operator daily, possibly preventing an operator from fullydraining the hose. Undrained fluid can cause an environmental hazard. The HoseDrainer makes it significantly easier to drain the hose.  As a result, it helps ensure the operator hasemptied the fluid.

Behind every product is the question, “Why?”  Why should our company buy it?  How does this product make our businessbetter?  

PT Coupling’s Hose Drainer checks all the boxes:

·     Ergonomic Design—Easy to use and promotes healthy practices.

·     Lightweight--- Reduces fatigue and potential injuries.

·     Quality Components—Long-lasting, sustaining product.

·     Compact Size—Fits in most trailer cabinets.

·     Telescopic Handle—Easily adjustable for the best grip.

·     Mounting hardware included.

·     Helps prevent spills resulting in environmental hazards.

·     Made in the USA


TipcoTechnologies is proud to offer the PT Hose Drainer.  It will improve your business by protectingemployees from injury and protecting the environment at the same time.

 If youhave additional questions, call 410-356-0003 and speak with one of our engineers.

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