Engineer a Custom Solution

Hoses, couplings, and accessories are vital components of your business. They ensure that your equipment runs smoothly, your deadlines are met, and your customers are satisfied. At TIPCO, we consider ourselves part of your team, so we have a vested interest in finding customer-centric solutions to help your business run smoothly. From basic hose assembly to custom fabrication, our team will create a solution for your application.

Here are three examples of custom solutions designed by TIPCO’s innovative customer fulfillment team:

Saving Time Means Saving Money

The solutions we design are tailor-made for your business. One of our customers owns a fleet of trailers used to fill swimming pools and needed hoses to withstand the demanding process of unloading water from the trucks. When the load was emptied, pressure from thousands of gallons of rushing water was kinking the hoses. TIPCO’s dedicated fabricators equipped the fleet with custom hose fittings designed specifically for this customer. Not only did TIPCO’s solution streamline the flow of water and prevent kinking, but the customer happily reported that using the new hoses saves 20 minutes per stop. Our satisfied customer was thrilled to have a solution to his original problem that increased both the efficiency and profitability of his operation. At TIPCO we listen to our customers.

Let Our Innovation Work For You

A dry bulk food manufacturer sought a way to join stainless cam and groove couplings to Morris Quickie Line adapters to facilitate easy installation and takedown. It was important to streamline the product flow, but also to protect and keep the product sanitary during the manufacturing process. Our talented welders at TIPCO Metal Technologies Solutions were able to custom-engineer a solution that achieved both of our customer’s goals, moving the product securely while keeping it safe from harmful bacteria. When presented with a challenge, it’s always our priority to say, “Yes we can!”

Our Product Line Has the Solution You Need

We partner with many of the most respected hose, coupling, and accessory manufacturers in the industry, and that means we can act quickly to meet your needs. Our customer wanted new fittings to provide a secure, leak proof connection to keep products sanitary during the manufacturing process.  The customer was using DIN Sanitary Fittings, which can be difficult to find, and asked for advice about a switch to Tri-Clamp fittings. The experts on our TIPCO team advised the customer on the best option from our large inventory of quality products. Our team supplied the Tri-Clamp fittings quickly and our customer was pleased with the expedient resolution to his problem. Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one goal.

At TIPCO we consider ourselves part of your team. Our staff has the expertise to engineer innovative, custom solutions to make your company more efficient and profitable. Call us today at 410-356-0003 and let us create a customized solution for you!

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