Eaton’s E-Z Clip System Makes A/C Hose Repair Faster, Easier & Stronger Than Ever

Whether it’s long-haul highways, seemingly endless rows of crops or the relentless grind of the job site, keeping operators and their machines cool is a crucial ingredient of a job done on time and done well. But sometimes, when conditions and job demands are simply too much, pressure wins. 

Fortunately, there’s the E-Z Clip system by Eaton, which TIPCO proudly distributes and recommends for any professional servicing the heavy-duty truck, agriculture or construction industries. Equipped with the E-Z Clip A/C hose assembly system in your arsenal, you can approach virtually any refrigerant hose repair with confidence. With its easy installation, nearly limitless versatility and proven performance, E-Z Clip assemblies withstand the pressure of the job at hand—so you don’t have to.

Less repair time, more uptime

A key benefit of the E-Z Clip system is that it has been provenin the field to reduce the time needed for refrigerant hose repairs by 50percent. In industries where every mile, every pound and every minute counts,using the E-Z Clip system can be the difference.

How is this the case? E-Z Clip requires just seven simple steps to quickly repair broken orleaking A/C hose, and seven total components (if you count each of your twohands). A standard hose repair is as easy as the following, even in tightconfines:

1)     Cut the hose

2)     Slip on two clips

3)     Oil the nipple (with its double O-ring for optimum sealing)

4)     Insert nipple into the hose

5)     Snap on the cage

6)     Slide the clips

7)     Close the clips using the specialized pliers (FT1357)

It’s simple, it’s fast and it just works. Repairing or assembling A/C hoses with the E-Z Clip system eliminates the guesswork, eliminates leaking crimps, eliminates the need for a power supply and eliminates any doubt in the strength of the repair or assembly itself.

Tested. Proven. Trustworthy.

The E-Z Clip system has earned a reputation as the No. 1 hoseclip fitting system in North America, and for good reason. It’s designed forultimate compatibility with A/C hose applications such as Eaton's GH134 (insizes 6 through 16) and GH001 EverCool units.

When used with those hoses, assemblies using E-Z Clip fittings far exceed SAE J2064 and are rated for applications ranging from -40˚C to+135˚C (-40˚F to +275˚F). Eaton has also tested E-Z Clip assemblies to with stand extreme-duty vibration and impulse.

What’s more, your work can be trusted even further thanks to E-Z Clip’s industry-leading three-year warranty. With the strong reputations of Eaton and TIPCO standing behind you, all you need to do is work confidently, quickly and effectively, just like you always do.

As a perfect complement to your pre-made hose configurations, theEaton E-Z Clip is nothing short of a necessity for professionals servicing heavy-duty refrigerant hose applications. When the pressure’s on, it’s fast, itexcels and it’s guaranteed to last.

To learn more about the E-Z Clip system from Eaton and why you should incorporate it into your toolbox, call TIPCO at 410-356-0003 to speak with one of our knowledgeable engineers.

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