Eaton Aeroquip Laylines – Indispensable Information at a Glance

TIPCO supplies the parts and equipment you need to keep your operation running smoothly. Known as the standard for excellence among engineers, OEMs, and end users who rely upon rubber hydraulic hoses, Eaton’s Aeroquip hoses exceed industry standards for pressure, temperature, and abrasion resistance, with options adapted to handle your toughest jobs. TIPCO is proud to carry these exceptionally engineered products, which are now easily identifiable with innovative laylines designed with intuitive graphics and pictograms which allow you to identify key performance characteristics. No matter what your industry, Eaton’s clean bold layline labelling system provides simplified, accurate and speedy part identification, and ensures assembly of the correct parts for all your applications.

Vital Data – Instantly

Eaton understands that applications vary in complexity, and their hoses are tailored to optimize performance, maximize uptime, and protect user safety. With Eaton’s easy to read laylines, the information you need to identify the right hose for the job is available at-a-glance. Each label includes the following identifiers and takes the guesswork out of assembly:

Simple Terminology

Eaton’s laylines clearly identify enhanced features like abrasion resistance and flexibility to make sure you get the right hose for your application. The laylines can also be used as a visual index when routing and tightening the assembly to ensure the hose is not twisted or kinked.

Agency Information

Agency specifications SAE, ISO, MSHA, DNV-GL, USCG designation, are clearly displayed on each hose so you instantly know the qualifications of the hose. The informative laylines also note that many of Eaton’s premium hydraulic hoses exceed SAE and EN specifications.

Easy to Read Icons

Eaton’s informative icons and pictograms instantly convey the performance characteristics of each hydraulic hose for quick identification.

SAE Bend Radius

Eaton’s laylines have the information you need to improve performance. The clearly labelled hoses indicate when the hoses exceed SAE bend radius requirements.

MatchMate Fitting System

The intuitive and simple to use MatchMate hose & fitting system, used for years in the Aeroquip line, is now standard across all of Eaton’s hose lines. Easy to read icons and pictographs identify the spiral and braided fittings. Dura-Kote plating technology protects from corrosion, and Dura-Seal technology eliminates hose assembly cool-down leakage, extending hose life and reducing down time.

Eaton has the right hose for every job and their ingenious laylines make them easily identifiable, improve performance, and reduce downtime. Contact the experts at TIPCO for more information about these innovative laylines and how they make your job easier at 410-356-0003 or Chat Below.

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