AIRpipe USA & TIPCO - Top-of-the-line aluminum air pipes

TIPCO Technologies, Inc., the Mid-Atlantic’s leading fluid solution supplier, is pleased to announce its partnership with one of the nation’s premier aluminum pipe manufacturers, AIRpipe USA. Through the partnership, TIPCO will be distributing top-of-the-line aluminum air pipes to its growing customer base across the mid-Atlantic and southern United States.

Who is AIRpipe USA?
Founded in 1997, AIRpipe USA is one of the nation’s leading aluminum pipe system manufacturers. Their two primary systems, the AIRpipe and the AQUApipe aluminum pipe systems, are manufactured with the customer in mind. The pipes were created using feedback from experts in the compressed air piping industry including installers, engineers, and distributors. As a result, each pipe system is reliable and durable. The products are also energy efficient: each pipe is specially engineered to reduce its carbon footprint, lower energy costs and maintain air quality.

AIRpipe’s aluminum piping is commonly used in fire protection systems (particularly in high-trafficked areas such as hospitals, shopping centers, and apartment buildings), water distribution systems, and air delivery systems.

Benefits of AIRpipe Aluminum Pipe Systems
Aluminum piping solutions are an attractive choice for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining the product’s reliability and durability. TIPCO Technologies’ decision to partner with AIRpipe was a no-brainer thanks to the quality of its products and its benefits to consumers.

AIRpipes are lightweight, a fraction of the size of heavy steel piping systems. Their light weight eliminates the need for bulky machinery on site.

Reliability and Longevity
Each pipe is built with durable materials resistant to corrosion, thermal variation, and outside weather conditions. In addition, its unique grab ring design and lugged ring design allow for zero risk of disconnection.

Easy Installation
Using AIRpipes in place of standard aluminum piping systems will significantly cut down on installation time. Each pipe comes standard with aluminum fittings, pre-packaged and ready for immediate use – no lubrication required! The pipes require minimal assembly – simply flush the clamshells together to complete the assembly in less than 5 minutes! Each product can also be modified to fit configuration updates or expansions.

Leak-Free Warranty
Each product is manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, should an issue arise, all products are covered by a ten-year leak-free warranty, nearly double the industry average. You can feel comfortable knowing your products and your site will be protected for years to come.

What Does this Mean for TIPCO Technologies, Inc. Customers?
TIPCO Technologies, Inc. is thrilled to have AIRpipe USA as a premier supplier of fluid supply solutions. The partnership was natural because the companies share a similar goal: to create and distribute products that benefit the customer. AIRpipe’s high-quality aluminum piping systems are designed with the customer in mind, helping TIPCO deliver on its commitment to supply quality products that meet even the most complex needs. 

The partnership will also help support TIPCO Technologies’ growing e-commerce presence, providing customers an expanded selection of piping and hose solutions. The partnership will ultimately help TIPCO deliver products to customers at a greater speed.

About TIPCO Technologies, Inc.:
TIPCO Technologies, a family-owned business established in 1888, currently operates in multiple locations throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. TIPCO services the Mid-Atlantic with eleven Eaton Aeroquip Express Hose Centers and three dedicated manufacturing sites.

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