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PT Coupling

PT Coupling TIPCO Technologies is proud to be one of PT Coupling’s largest distributors in North America.  PT Coupling’s manufacturing facilities in Enid, Oklahoma incorporate the latest in manufacturing, tooling and foundry techniques for quick connect/disconnect fittings for low pressure liquid and dry transfer applications.  PT Coupling boasts the most complete line of Cam & Groove couplings in the world utilizing Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Hard  Coat Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Polypropylene, Food Grade Polypropylene and Nylon.  TIPCO Technologies and PT Coupling partner together on many MIL-C-27487 and A-A-59326 government applications.  Some of the common industries served by TIPCO Technologies and PT Coupling include: Petroleum, Chemical, MIL SPEC, Construction, Landscaping, Power Generation, OEM, Food & Beverage, Potable Water, Dry Material Handling and Government Contracting.

PT Coupling

TIPCO Technologies is a proud stocking distributor for the following PT Coupling products:
  • PT Coupling Basic Standard Cam & Groove Couplings
  • PT Coupling Sta-Lok Cam & Groove
  • PT Coupling Sta-Lok II Passive Locking Cam & Groove
  • PT Coupling Reducer Cam & Groove
  • PT Coupling Special Cam & Groove
  • PT Coupling Hastelloy® Fittings
  • PT Coupling Straight Thread Cam & Groove
  • PT Coupling Railroad Tank Car Connections
  • PT Coupling Weld Cam & Groove Fittings
  • PT Coupling Pipe Flange Cam & Groove
  • PT Coupling Butt/Socket Weld Cam & Groove
  • PT Coupling Coupling Gaskets – Buna, Viton® Green, Teflon®, White Nitrile, Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Buna N-Fuel Resistant
  • Safety Bump™ & Safety Lock ™
  • PT Coupling Tight Fill Elbow & Vapor Recovery Dual Point
  • PT Coupling API Bottom Loading
  • PT Coupling Tight Fill and Vapor Recovery Adapters
  • PT Coupling Couplers – Vapor Recovery
  • PT Coupling WEDGON Breakaway Fittings
  • PT Coupling Maxi-Dry – Dry Disconnect Couplings
  • PT Coupling Tantaline Treated Corrosion Resistant Cam & Groove Couplings
  • PT Coupling In-Line Strainers & Pump Fittings
  • PT Coupling Fuel & Oil Petroleum Swivels
  • PT Coupling ProGrip Fittings Systems, Permtach™
  • PT Coupling ProGrip Sanitary Fitting System
  • PT Coupling Ultra-Lite Sleeves & Ferrules
  • PUNCH-LOK Clamps and Banding Tools
  • PUNCH-LOK Plated Hose Fittings
  • PUNCH-LOK Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • ROLITE PT3 Hose Assembly Tool
  • HoseScribe™ Hose Identification System