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Eaton/Aeroquip TIPCO is a Premier Select Distributor of Eaton Aeroquip, Everflex, Boston Arrow and Synflex Eaton brand products. We service the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Washington DC and New Jersey areas with our eleven stocking locations. TIPCO stocks Eaton brand products for the OEM, Construction, Agriculture, Mobile, Marine and Military markets.  TIPCO is Eaton Aeroquip’s largest stocking distributor in the Mid-Atlantic region stocking thousands of Eaton Aeroquip configurations of hose and fittings.


Keep a watchful eye on the health of every hose assembly with patented LifeSense™ hydraulic hose condition monitoring technology from Eaton. As the hose assembly approaches the end of its useful life, LifeSense™ detects events occurring within the hose that have been shown to lead to failure and then notifies a designated individual. This notification is provided with enough time to replace the hose during planned maintenance prior to failure, thus reducing downtime, cleanup costs, environmental damage and potential injury.


TIPCO Technologies carries the following Eaton Aeroquip products:

  • Eaton Aeroquip MATCHMATE Hose including GH781, GH793, GH663, GH493, FC659, and FC619
  • Eaton Aeroquip Fittings Including Metric, STC, Code 61, Code 62, JIC, O-Ring Face, O-Ring Boss, NPT, British, push on, socketless, reusable and air conditioning
  • Eaton Aeroquip AQP Hose including series FC332, FC234, FC355, FC300
  • Eaton Aeroquip EZ-Clip Hose and fittings
  • Synflex Hose and Fittings
  • Arrow Hose and Tubing
  • Eaton Boston Industrial Hose and Tubing
  • Boston Bulldog Gold High Pressure Air Hose
  • Eaton Adapters
  • Eaton Air Brake Hose and Fittings
  • Weatherhead Brass D.O.T, Ermeto, Inverted Flair, drain cocks, D.O.T tubing, brass pipe, brass ball valves
  • Eaton Aeroquip Flocs
  • Eaton Aeroquip Swivel Joints
  • Eaton Aeroquip Flexmaster Joints
  • Eaton Aeroquip PTFE and Teflon ® Hose and fittings
  • Eaton Aeroquip Quick Disconnect couplings including series; 5600 ISO A, FD45 ISO B, 5100 Wing Nut, FD14 Drain Couplings, FD15 sampling, FD69 water blast, and FD90 diagnostic
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