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Colder Products At TIPCO Technologies, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions for our customers and aligning ourselves with world class suppliers that share in that philosophy. Colder Products Company® and their large engineering staff are available for consultation and development of quick disconnect couplings specific to your applications. Colder provides reliable, secure and leak-free connections for even the most challenging fluid and air management needs. TIPCO Technologies is proud to represent and fabricate hose and tubing assemblies for Colder Products Company® Life Sciences, Specialty Industrial and Chemical Handling products.

INDUSTRIAL – Colder Products Company® Specialty Industrial and Chemical Handling product offerings are commonly specified in analytical instrumentation, printing and ink management, engine systems, biohazard detection equipment, electronic cooling, portable hydration systems, chemical management and packaging applications.

Colder Products

Some of the newest exciting coupling series for these markets include:
  • NS1 Series connectors are the smallest plastic non-spill coupling on the market, providing non-spill shutoff valves that ensure drip-free disconnects.
  • Hybrid Connector technology eliminates the need for multiple connections by combining power, signal, air or fluids in one single elegant connection.
  • IdentiQuik® Smart Coupling technology incorporates RFID (radio frequency identification) to the quick disconnect coupling to help control, protect and streamline valuable fluids and processes.
  • Non-Spill series couplings feature automatic shutoff valves that enable drip-free disconnections.
  • DrumQuik® PRO closed chemical dispensing system with reusable coupler and a recyclable dip-tube assembly for chemical extraction from drums, jerry cans and IBC’s
  • Sixtube™ series couplings offer snap-in panel mount design and flexibility to connect and disconnect six separate lines with or without valves.
  • Tentube™ series couplings enable connections and disconnections of up to 10 lines with one side latch.
  • BreakAway™ series couplings provide safe and easy fluid transfer with protection from costly product loss and equipment damage. Leak-free design allows users to make a clean, fast and easy break at critical moments.
  • UDC series coupler makes instant connections to bulk packaging systems including bag-in-box (BIB), flexible and rigid packaging styles.
  • SMC, PMC , PMC12 , MC , PLC , PLC12 , LC , APC , EFC12 , HFC12 , HFC35 , HFC57  and  FFC35 are other high quality general purpose couplings providing broad chemical compatibility and flow options stocked by TIPCO Technologies.

LIFE SCIENCES – MEDICAL & BIOPROCESSING – TIPCO Technologies is an authorized CPC distributor for controlled performance connections to the medical device and equipment, biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications.

  • AseptiQuik® Family Connectors provide quick and easy sterile connections. The connections robust design enables users to transfer media easily with less risk of operator error. Available in a full range of 1/8” to 1” sterile connections.
  • Genderless AseptiQuik® Connectors provide interchangeable sterile connections with flow solutions ranging from 1/8” to 3/4".
  • BioProcess International Magazine’s Technology of the Decade, Steam-Thru® Connections can be sterilized via steam-in-place (SIP) while situated between the media bag and bioreactor without the need for additional equipment or connection points.
  • MPC, MPX  and MPU  series couplings provide reliability and ease of use to your most critical applications.
  • HFC39 series provide aseptic disconnections and leak-free connections for protecting valuable media. 
  • SnapQuik® series connectors’ breakaway design prevents misconnections with luers and protects equipment.
  • SMC series coupling design allows tubing to rotate freely when connected, preventing both kinked tubing and accidental disconnection during use.
  • SRC series eliminate misconnections with luer-type fittings and guarantee a secure, reliable connection.

Colder Hybrid Connector