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Safety and Training

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Safety & Training

Hose Safety & TrainingThe safety of our employees and customers, as well as our respect for our environment, is cultured at every level of our company. It is TIPCO Technologies’ philosophy to provide an abundance of training to all levels of our organization so that we can provide world class engineered products designed for safe and reliable use. Some of TIPCO’s many platforms for safety and training include:

  • Hose Safety Institute Guidlines –TIPCO Technologies is an active participant on the board of Hose Safety Institute and the Hose Safety Institute Hose Standards Committee. All TIPCO assembly and sales personel have earned certificates for passing Hose Safety Institute Guidelines Specification Tests for Industrial, Hydraulic, and PTFE Hose Assemblies.
  • Continental ContiTech STAR Underwriters Laboratory verified hose assembly fabrication site passes an annual UL® inspection for quality, testing, and documentation.(view verification pdf)
  • Eaton Certified Aeroquip Hose Assembly Shops (pdf)
  • All fabricators are Eaton Aeroquip® Level 200 certified in Fluid Conveyance, including:
    • Thread identification - such as metric
    • Hose Failure analysis
    • Proper Hose routing
    • Fluid Compatibility training
    • Quick Coupling training
    • Brass and DOT Connection training
    • E-Z Clip™ A/C Hose training
    • Aeroquip Safety and Training
  • Crane Resistoflex® and Resistopure™ certified Teflon® and Silicone Hose Fabricator
  • Dixon OSHA Compliant Products (pdf)
  • Dixon Hose Assembly schools are attended by all TIPCO assembly personnel at Dixon Valve and Coupling’s Manufacturing facility in Chestertown, Maryland
  • Campbell Crimpnology™ Hose Fabrication training and certificates have been attended and earned at Campbell Fitting’s Boyertown, PA plant (view certificate PDF)
  • All sales personel have completed extensive training for SSP Fittings & SSP Instrumentation by SSP Fittings, Inc.
  • All sales, counter sales and assembly personel have successfully completed Eaton Aeroquip® Fluid Conveyance school
  • All fabricators have completed Dixon School Level 200 training. (view example of certificate)
NAHAD safety guidelines

In addition to our extensive training, TIPCO Technologies can provide RoHS compliance, MSDS, FDA, USDA, 3A, NSF, OSHA, and chemical compatibility information per your request. TIPCO can offer safety surveys and product training from world class manufacturers including: Continental ContiTech, Eaton Aeroquip®, Gates, Dixon Valve and Coupling, OPW® Engineered Systems, Crane Resistoflex®, and PT Coupling.


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