TIPCO Technologies Opens Hose Center & Distribution Hub

TIPCO Technologies, the Mid-Atlantic’s leading fluid solution supplier, has announced the opening of their state-of-the-art distribution hub strategically located in Manassas, VA. The hub will serve as a Super Center to support the company’s growth and increased demand from customers.

The center is specially designed to provide logistical support as the company grows into new territories and expands its e-commerce presence. TIPCO Technologies sells nearly 17,000 products annually, creating the need to expand its facilities to ensure customers receive the products they need in a timely manner. The Super Center will offer a robust selection of hydraulic and industrial fluid conveyance products in order to meet growing demand. Should a product need to be ordered, the hub will also serve as the company’s largest distribution center to support its growing e-commerce division.

“Our Discovery Manassas Location is designed to provide the highest speed to market from a logistics and operational standpoint,” says Rob Lyons, president of TIPCO Technologies. “In addition to enhancing our distribution operations, we also created the ultimate customer experience from a front-end retention perspective,” continues Lyons. “We often offer the analogy that our hose centers are designed around a neighborhood hardware store philosophy. TIPCO sets out to serve as a one-stop-shop that customers go out of their way to experience.”

In addition to serving as the company’s largest distribution center, the new hub boasts a 4,000 square foot Eaton Aeroquip hose center. TIPCO Technologies, Inc. is fortunate to work with many of the premier fluid solution suppliers, including Eaton, Continental, PT Coupling, Dixon, and Kuriyama. The company is proud to be an Eaton Aeroquip Diamond and Continental Elite distributer.

TIPCO Technologies, Inc. currently operates eleven hose centers and three manufacturing sites throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Courtesy of Hose & Coupling World -By Angelica Pajkovic.

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