TIPCO Team Spotlight June 2021: Meet Our Dynamic Sales Coordinator, Candice Travaglione!

To be successful, every team needs a member who not only can complete his or her role effectively, but also someone who can support, energize, and inspire the rest of the team. At TIPCO, that member of the team is undoubtedly Candice Travaglione.

Candice has been a part of the TIPCO team for more than three years now and has spent the better part of the last year transitioning into the important role of Sales Coordinator. Prior to advancing in her role—some thing that most TIPCO employees enjoy the opportunity to do—Candice worked on the accounts payable team.

“There’s a lot of back and forth between the accounting and sales departments,” Candice said, and during her transition to Sales Coordinator, she put her well-honed people skills to use. In fact, her team of coworkers are her favorite part of the job. “They’re the best group of people to work with,” she said.

Ensuring smooth sailing for TIPCO sales

Thanks to her prior experience in the accounts payable department and her mindset to always keep learning, Candice is off to a strong start in the Sales Coordinator position. But what does this new role entail on a daily basis, exactly?

“I spend time in Salesforce, help our outside reps take leads, compose marketing emails and maintain digital literature and sales documents,”she noted.

However, the most important part of her role is how she assists and leads the way with team training and certifications, to make sure that the whole TIPCO crew is performing optimally.

“I work directly with the sales team to help grow and nurture the team,” Candice added. “I train the team as a whole on presentations and proposals, and make sure that everyone is up-to-date on current certifications, technologies and products.”

TIPCO’s goal every single day is to help our customers’ operations perform at their best, so we need our team to be at its best, too.Candice makes that possible.

How this people person defines success, and what defines her

As noted earlier, Candice brings to the TIPCO team exceptional people skills. Her pre-TIPCO background in administrative, foodservice, and floral design work (one of her passions) has helped her develop the strong relationships she has with her colleagues.

Relatedly, Candice commented on the main lesson she has learned from her three-plus years as part of the broader TIPCO team.

“Working at TIPCO has taught me that being part of a group that works well together is crucial to a good working environment,” she said.

We’d argue that she plays a big part in the positive professional atmosphere at TIPCO, among the sales, accounting and other vital teams. So how does Candice define success?

It’s simple: being happy.

“I define success as waking up happy every morning to do your job. Not dreading going to work,” she explained.

Outside of work, Candice finds happiness by spending time with her husband and two kids (preferably at the beach), and attending her kids’ sports games. You might also catch her gardening or working on a floral arrangement while listening to Dave Matthews Band!

The TIPCO team is thrilled each day to have Candice Travaglione on board, and we are excited to continue to watch her thrive as SalesCoordinator. 

If you also have a can-do attitude, work well with others and are interested in joining our growing team, simply click here to visit our careers page and view current openings

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