TIPCO Compliments Geographic Presence and Mobile Service Utilizing Affiliate Programs Powered by Aeroquip

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we live in an on-demand world. Just about anything and everything can be ordered—and delivered—at a breakneck pace. From food to household items to online entertainment and more, we’re never usually more than a couple of clicks and a short wait from what we need.

So, what if the same speed and service were applied to the industrial hose sector? That’s exactly what TIPCO’s Affiliate Program aims to accomplish. 

Thanks to our new roster of Mobile Affiliates and standard Affiliate Program members, we’re building a network of on-demand industrial hose parts providers to help keep operations flowing smoothly throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

What exactly is the TIPCO Affiliate Program?

The TIPCO Affiliate Program is a system of partnerships with industrial hose repair and service professionals. Those pros maintain stock of an assortment of the top-quality industrial hose products that TIPCO distributes, so that they can offer rapid service to operators in their markets who need replacement hose hardware and need it fast.

For example, Jason E. Fry Equipment Repair in York, Pennsylvania, is a TIPCO Mobile Affiliate that provides 24-hour emergency service and can typically reach a job site in less than an hour. It is a service line that sets them apart, and one that provides an opportunity for continued growth and expansion.

“Becoming a TIPCO Affiliate was easy,” Jason Fry, the proprietor and namesake, said. “I hope to grow the business and maybe do a second mobile truck as well.”

The TIPCO Affiliate Program is not limited to just mobile hoserepair service providers, either. Industrial hydraulic repair shops and partssuppliers like Riverside Hydraulics in Ashland, Virginia, are AffiliateProgram members that appreciate TIPCO’s trusted support.

Josh Harris, a parts specialist at Riverside Hydraulics, had the following to say:

“TIPCO has been such a big help since we decided to partner with them. They helped us expand our showroom and organize it so it runs smoothly with greater eye appeal. TIPCO’s knowledge about the industrial/construction world is unmatched and they have a product for every need that arises. They keep good inventory of everything we stock and make sure that we have everything we need delivered weekly, which saves us freight costs. The president of TIPCO, Rob Lyons, really made us feel important and helped us with anything and everything we needed. Riverside thanks you.”

Quality selection, better results, more opportunities!

Of course, all Affiliate Program members have at their disposal TIPCO’s deep catalog of parts and assemblies from premium hose manufacturers such as Continental, Eaton Aeroquip, Dixon Valve, Flexaust, Adaptall, Hose Master and more. And the Affiliate Program members who had been using other hardware have already noticed a difference in the performance of the hardware TIPCO provides.

"I believe the Aeroquip brand that TIPCO distributes is better than the fittings we had been using,” Jason added. “The fittings from other manufacturers were thinner and I saw them split and fail, while the Aeroquip hardware keeps getting better.”

“Both the quality and the availability of the fittings and hoses provided by Aeroquip are superior to other brands. The American-made fitting quality is preferred,” said Matt Ambrose of Eastern Equipment Services in Estell Manor, New Jersey.

Ambrose added that the program helps Eastern Equipment Services (a TIPCO Mobile Affiliate) fill a gap in its market area while enabling the company to expand its service offerings to the hydraulic cylinder repair sector, too.

“This has given us access to a larger pool of customers who will also use our mobile hose assembly service now that they are aware of it,” Ambrose said.

Speaking of expanding, the TIPCO Affiliate Program is ready to grow. In particular, TIPCO is seeking Affiliate Program partners in Virginia as well as the western Maryland region.

It’s an opportunity that allows your business to lean on our expertise and logistics power while reaching more clients in your market. To learn more about the TIPCO Affiliate Program, go to tipcotech.com/affiliate-distributor or simply give us call at 410-356-0003 today.

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