Spotlight: What’s Brewin’ with Kyle Fendlay

Microbreweries have been on the rise for the past few years. In Maryland alone, there are more than 90 – 17 of which popped up just this year! They offer master brewers the space to innovate, craft beer enthusiasts a place to taste, and patrons an opportunity to support a local business they love. Microbreweries take great pride in the ingredients they use and the craft in which they brew it, right down to the equipment they use. TIPCO has built relationships with many local breweries and we take a lot of pride servicing them!

Kyle Fendlay has been with TIPCO for eight years and a Territory Leader for the last five. He works closely with local breweries, (see list below), supplying products such as brewery transfer hoses, sanitary fittings, sanitary pumps, sanitary gaskets, wash-down hose and nozzles, and Co2 lines. Kyle loves doing business with local companies because, many times, they reach out to him in the buildout stage and it’s fun to see how much the brewery evolves from buildout to grand opening.

One of Kyle’s long-time clients is Kevin Blodger, the brewmaster from Union Craft Brewery. Kevin has been a brewmaster for almost 18 years and opened Union Craft in 2012 with his two partners, Jon Zerivitz and Adam Benesch.

“We all have a passion for both beer and Baltimore and we strive to make our brewery reflect that love,”

he explained.

TIPCO has been working with Union Craft Brewery since they opened almost eight years ago. Kevin added,

“I love the personal service Kyle delivers and he takes the time to hand deliver items to us when we need it fast. That allows us to keep brewing when something breaks or when we need a piece of equipment. It can be tough to find reliable companies to work with, but I'd recommend TIPCO to anyone.”

Kevin, we appreciate the kind words! And Kyle, we appreciate you providing excellent TIPCO customer service every day. Keep up the great work!

1623 Brewing Co
Astro Lab Brewing
Black Flag Brewing Co
Brewers Alley
The Brewers Art
Calvert Brewing Company
Charm City Mead Works
Checkerspot Brewing Co
Crooked Crab Brewing
Diamondback Brewing Co
DuClaw Brewing
Flying Dog Brewery
Guilford Hall Brewing
Heavy Seas Brewing
Hysteria Brewing Co
Key Brewing Co
Mobtown Brewing Co
Monument City Brewing Co
Olde Mother Brewing Co
Peabody Heights Brewing
Rockwell Brewery
Silver Branch Brewing Co
Union Craft Brewing Co
Waverly Brewing Co

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