Product Training and Education: A Core TIPCO Service

At TIPCO Technologies, training and education of our products is fundamental to the services we provide our customers. We are proud to have a knowledgeable sales team that is excited to share their product expertise with customers through trainings and Lunch and Learns. 

Recently two members of the TIPCO Sales Team, Gasket & Sealing Product Manager Rich Phillips and Territory Manager Kyle Fendlay, visited Domino Sugar to host a Lunch and Learn for eight of the maintenance engineers. Both in Baltimore for over 100 years, TIPCO and Domino Sugar understand the importance of learning and growing through partnerships. 

During the Lunch and Learn, Rich and Kyle covered the reliability basics of hose assemblies. The basics of gasket and sealing were covered, including gasket selection and installation. 

The training and knowledge shared is centered around the standards set by NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute.

Lunch and Learn opportunities enable team members to take what they have learned and apply it to their workday in the plant, often changing the status quo of plant operations for the better. Plant Managers that prioritize certifications and training are also prioritizing safety and skill-building for their team. 

TIPCO Technologies has a strong duty to educate our valued partners on the products and services we offer. Please contact if you wish to learn more about our education and training initiatives.

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