Keep Your Operation Running—And Running Safely—Using Dixon Valve’s

OSHA - Compliant Products

Aside from simply being the right thing to do for your workforce, providing a safe working environment is also federally mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). For more than 50 years,OSHA has ensured that all employers, regardless of industry, comply with standards that keep workers protected from all sorts of occupational hazards.

Complying with OSHA standards not only keeps your staff and contractors safe. It also helps guarantee their on-the-job confidence, so that they can perform their specialized tasks without worrying about their well-being. Properly training and equipping your workforce simply enables a safer, smoother, more efficient operation. So, when it comes to the bottom line, complying with OSHA standards just makes good business sense.

Making OSHA compliance easier with Dixon Valve

We know that when dealing with pressurized hoses and various (potentially hazardous)media, there’s no room for error. Plus, no business owner or operator wants to have to worry about the stress of OSHA violations, noncompliance, or worker injury. Fortunately, you have TIPCO andDixon Valve in your corner, for sourcing a range of common project-critical hose components and accessories that are all OSHA compliant.

TheDixon catalog of OSHA-compliant hose couplings and related accessories will help your operation meet several OSHA requirements while maximizing operator safety, productivity and comfort. Dixon has specifically engineered a range of more than a dozen products to comply with major OSHA standards such as hazardous energy lockout (1910.147), hand and portable power tools (1926.302 and 1910.242), noise exposure (1910.95) and more.

Dixon Valve’sOSHA-compliant offerings

TIPCO is proud to carry and distribute Dixon Valve’s list of OSHA-compliant hose couplings and related accessories, so your operation—and whatever your hoses carry—can keep flowing smoothly and safely. Here’s a quick list of a few of theDixon Valve products geared toward maintaining safety and OSHA compliance. (For the full list, simply click here).

-  The safety check valve prevents hose whip during accidental fitting separation or pressure surge (OSHA standard 1926.302(b7))

-  The King Cable™ along with its nylon safety restraints and safety whip sock prevent hose whip during accidental separation of a hose assembly (OSHA standard 1926.302(b1))

-  The pistol-grip safety blowgun, premium safety blowgun and extended nozzle pistol grip have all been engineered so that their tip pressure never exceeds 30 PSI, and their associated noise levels never exceed 90 dBA (OSHA standards 1910.95 and1910.242(b))

Built (and spec’d) to be trusted

 Dixon Valve takes safety seriously and knows that how a safely a hose assembly performs critically depends on the quality of individual components. With its line of OSHA-compliant hose couplings and accessories, you and your technicians can rest assured that it won’t be a Dixon Valve product that ever lets them down.

Another part of Dixon’s commitment to safety on the job is ensuring that the professionals it serves in the field are using the correct hardware for their specific applications. In concert with the expertise of TIPCO, when choosing products for your hose application from Dixon Valve, you get reassurance from Dixon’s S.T.A.M.P.E.D. system.

S.T.A.M.P.E.D. stands for size, temperature, application, media, pressure, ends, Dixon. The teams at Dixon Valve and TIPCO can review your specific needs with you and make sure that the products you specify for your application will not only match with S.T.A.M.P.E.D. but also comply with OSHA standards. Plus, Dixon can provide test results, coupling and clamping recommendations and data sets to make sure you’re getting the right hardware.

If OSHA compliance, operational efficiency and worker safety and satisfaction areyour goals, Dixon Valve and TIPCO can help you get it done. Contact a TIPCO fabricator at 410-356-0003 for guidance with engineering an OSHA-compliant hose system using Dixon Valve hardware.

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