Hydraulic Hose Heroes

What do car insurance and hydraulic hose protectors have in common? A lot! Safety, peace of mind, and liability coverage are at the top of the list. Most importantly, both protect us from costly mishaps. You can’t drive without insurance, and you shouldn’t trust a hose that’s not protected.

Hose Guards – Unsung Heroes

Whether you’re in the business of construction, landscaping, waste hauling, or food service, you have at least one thing in common: you rely on trusty equipment to do your job thoroughly. Due to the nature of your work, hoses are subject to rough and demanding conditions. At TIPCO, we have one job: to ensure safety and efficiency by providing top-of-the-line hose guards and protectors. These products consist of sleeves and guards that protect and extend the life of your hydraulic hoses. Have you checked your hoses lately?

Types of hose guards

Types of Hose Guards

  • Spring Guard – Spring guards are wound, steel springs that enclose and support hydraulic hoses, reducing wear and prolonging the life of the hose. They protect from kinking and severe flexing.
    Variations: Steel wire (cover and reinforce), and spring steel (recommended when a hose is subject to excessive abrasion)
  • Spiral Wrap – Spiral guards are lightweight and unaffected by the elements. They protect hoses from abrasions caused by dragging across the floor.
Eaton Guardian Sleeve
  • Nylon Sleeve – Protective sleeves are textile tubes that slide over the hose. They protect against hydraulic hose failure and guard against external abrasion and UV radiation.

Variations: Fire sleeve (made of fiberglass and rubber; protects against direct flame), Guardian sleeve (Eaton’s newest product that disperses pressure and fluids that may escape even the tiniest of leaks)

How They Save the Day

Hose guards and sleeves go the extra mile to provide protection from external damage and wear, which increases the hose's life, and saves you a ton of money long-term. Not only that, but it improves your business operations and offers peace of mind. Be cognizant when using hose guards and sleeves, to consider mechanical movement when bundling. Never bungle high-pressure with a low-pressure hose and be mindful of the materials you choose, as some can work against each other.

Hydraulic hose protectors are the insurance policy that protects your equipment and keeps you and your employees safe on the job.

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