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Team TIPCO Spotlight: Jonathan Schmidt

We’re proud to feature Jonathan Schmidt as our Team TIPCO Spotlight this month! Jon has been a delivery driver with TIPCO for five years. A typical workday for him includes helping at the front counter in the mornings, going out to his delivery stops and, when he gets back, making himself available for anyone who needs assistance so he can, in his words, “end the day right.” He loves his job because he says that “TIPCO is family and there is always someone to talk to and learn from.”

His excellent attitude and work ethic do not go unnoticed. Steven Haga, TIPCO Branch manager says,

“Jon has a great personality and gets along well with others. He always comes into work and has an excellent attendance record. He is an accountable employee and friend.”

Jon’s motto for work is,

“My job is not done until the customer is satisfied.”
His approachable personality is just as apparent inside the company as it is outside. He’s on a first name basis with all the local gas stations and fast food restaurants!

When Jon is not chatting with customers or locals, you can find him playing the bass guitar or collecting comic books (Batman is his favorite).

Thank you, Jon, for all that you do at TIPCO. We appreciate your loyalty, consistency, and dedication. You make TIPCO a fun place to work!

TIPCO Technologies - 28-Oct-2019