Belts & V-Belts

providing flexible solutions v-belts, sprockets, sheaves and bushings.

TIPCO is  offering v-belts, sprockets, sheaves and bushings. In addition to standard A/B/C/D Hi-Power® and 3VX/5VX Super HC® series belts.

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TIPCO offers these belts:
  • Poly Chain® GT® and Poly Chain® HTD® belts and hardware
  • PowerGrip® GT®2, HTD®, and timing belts
  • Eliminator® belts
  • Perdator® belts
  • Syncro-Power® polyurethane belts and belting
  • Powerback® and Power Curve® belts
  • Truflex®, PoweRated®, Bladerunner® and Polyflex® light-duty belts

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