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OPW Engineered Systems

OPW Engineered Systems TIPCO Technologies is a proud PLATINUM MASTER DISTRIBUTOR for OPW® Engineered Systems specializing in the engineering, designing and manufacturing of systems for safe and efficient loading and unloading of critical or hazardous materials: loading systems, swivel joints, instrumentation, quick and dry-disconnect systems and safety breakaways.

OPW Engineered Systems

TIPCO Technologies is factory trained to provide the following OPW® Engineered Systems products:
  • Endura™ Series Loading Arms for Advanced Loading Technology
  • OPW® Swivel Joints for petroleum, chemical, distilling, ink, paint, irrigation, fertilizing, wastewater, hose reels and a variety of in-plant fluid and dry bulk applications
  • OPW® Engineered Systems offers the most complete line of dry disconnect and quick connect products in the industry. OPW’s line of dry disconnect products include Epsilon™, Drylok™ and Kamvalok®
    • EPSILON™ Low spill quick connect for critical products requiring precision dry break disconnect. EPSILON™ quick connects are highly specified in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries. EPSILON® is available in Stainless Steel, Monel® and Hastalloy®.
    • Drylok™ is designed to safely transfer hazardous corrosive, volatile liquids such as acids, solvents and petrochemicals. An interlocking handle averts accidental spills and is ideal for all kinds of hazardous fluids where product loss is a problem. Drylok™ is available in Aluminum and stainless.
    • Kamvalok® is designed to automatically shut off in the event of accidental disconnection of the coupler and adapter. Kamvalok® is highly specified In the petroleum, chemical, paint, solvent, vapor, detergents, vegetable oils, as well as many caustics and acids.
    • Autolok® Quick Couplers are self locking couplers that provide an added level of safety at the fluid connection. Autolok’s patented Twin-Kam™ locking mechanism, built into the locking arms means you simply snap the locking arms shut with one smooth motion and the coupler stays secure and shut until you unlock it. No clips, pins or buttons. TIPCO Technologies stocks Autolok® 316 stainless steel Quick Connects and honors OPW’s exclusive lifetime guarantee on GFL™ Twin-Kam™ arms.
    • HILTAP™ OPW HILTAP Quick Connects
  • OPW® Engineered Systems Instrumentation Products for monitoring sight flow, pressure isolation, and overfill detection. OPW’s family of Instrumentation Products are commonly found in the Chemical, Petroleum, Asphalt, Food, Ethanol, Biofuels, and Power Generation industries. OPW’s line of Instrumentation products includes:
    • VISI-FLO Sight Flow Indicators provide a quick and inexpensive way to verify flow rate and direction, and monitor color and clarity in fluid lines. VISI-FLO® Sight Flow indicators are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Ductile Iron. VISI-FLO Indicators are readily available in pipe threads and 150# flanges ranging from ¼” – 12”.
    • ISO-RING® patented Gauge Isolation Ring is designed to isolate gauges or pressure switches from solids in process flow and to ensure accurate pressure readings.