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Why Our On-The-Spot Testing Services Go Above and Beyond

Equipment testing can be a huge undertaking to perform alone, and minimal service from a support provider hardly seems to help. But what if a unit could be assembled right on your job site that contained the latest technology to keep your hoses (and your business) running smoothly?

Enter Tipco’s On-The-Spot Testing program, now part of our catalog of industrial hose services!

What Does On-The-Spot Testing Entail?

The On-The-Spot Testing unit can be shipped directly to you or assembled by our professionals. Inside, Tipco can help you perform all of these essential tests:

  • Hydrostatic testing to HSI 500 or Coast Guard 33CFR156.70 specifications
  • Automatic assembly data entry
  • Checks for proper grounding
  • Visual hose inspections

If Tipco has supplied your hose assemblies in the past, you may be eligible for discounts on testing those products. We can also certify and document each test performed in the unit. We only require a few things of you: a 110 Volt electrical source, MSDS for product residue, access to water and a designated area to evacuate the water afterward. We also insist on a safe environment for your job site and our professionals, so we ask that all industrial safety procedures be enforced during testing.

Tipco’s Testing Tech

Apart from state-of-the-art essentials such as a steel work bench, eye wash station, spare outlet and light fixtures, the On-The-Spot unit contains hose testing technology that reaches above and beyond your expectations. With the unit on your site, you can access:

With On-The-Spot Testing, keeping your hoses maintained has never been so easy!

  • Our exceptional Aeroquip assembly & cutting equipment.
  • Easy load hose reel carousels.
  • Our TIPCO Trakker hose tracking system.
  • 200 bins of spacious parts storage.

We also have your convenience in mind while testing your equipment. The One-The-Stop unit is outfitted with a First Aid kit, incorporates exhaust ventilation, and meets (or exceeds) civil electrical codes. We may also be able to establish a VMI program to keep your inventory well-stocked for the future.

Customer-Centric Solutions

The service Tipco provides during your testing process doesn’t stop with assembly. We recognize that each customer is an individual with needs specific to their industry, and with our customer-centric approach, we’ll ensure that you get the support you need to get – and keep – your hoses in top shape.

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With On-The-Spot Testing, keeping your hoses maintained has never been so easy!

TIPCO Technologies - 22-Sep-2017