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Team TIPCO Spotlight: Kevin Cross

We are delighted to shine the Tipco Team Spotlight on Kevin Cross this month! Kevin is a dedicated branch manager who has been a valuable member of the TIPCO team for 21 years! He was originally hired as a delivery driver and has held many positions since.

Kevin loves working at TIPCO because each day is so different. Some days he assists customers at the front counter, and others he helps with cycling counting at the Virginia branches. While training employees, Kevin is known for saying, "The devil's in the details!" a phrase that emphasizes the importance of what he deems most important: attention to detail in all aspects of the job, especially with evolving technology.

“TIPCO is always expanding its branches and locations, creating more job opportunities and chances for promotions,” Kevin notes. “[Our expansion] has created an enjoyable workplace where there are not only knowledgeable, helpful and interesting co-workers, but the company’s growing footprint assists branches to fulfill orders quickly.”

On days when he isn’t working, Kevin enjoys skateboarding and snowboarding.

Kevin, we appreciate your dedication and loyalty over the years!

TIPCO Technologies - 15-Sep-2019