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Team TIPCO Spotlight: Steve McCready


We are pleased to introduce our new Team TIPCO Employee Spotlight: Delmarva Territory Manager, Steve McCready!

Steve has been a valued employee at TIPCO for more than forty-four years! Throughout his time with the company, he has made quite the positive impact.

"Steve McCready is universally liked and respected by TIPCO employees past and present. Steve sets an excellent example of integrity, work ethic, andrespect. The Lyons family is grateful for his four-plusdecades of service to the TIPCO brand."     
- Rob Lyons, President of TIPCO

Steve tells us that he has been a salesman since he was thirteen years old: “As a kid I sold magazines door to door, was a grocery bagger for tips, was a bingo caller (for tips), and sold real estate in Maryland and Florida,” which led him to a position as a flexible piping and sealing specialist for TIPCO Tech.

Aside from his passion for sales, Steve likes working for TIPCObecause of its family-owned atmosphere and the constant variety that he is presented with each day.

Outside of work, Steve enjoys golfing, kayaking, refinishing furnitureand spending time with his kids and grandkids. A fun fact that you may not know about Steve is that he has a collection of about 1,200 albums, which he has been collecting since he was fifteen!

As a longtime salesman, it is only fitting that his favorite quote has to do with sales:

"Many years ago, a large American shoe manufacturer set two sales reps out to different parts of the Australian outback to see if they could drum up some business among the aborigines. Some timelater, the company received telegrams from both agents. The first one said ‘No business here. Natives don’t wear shoes.’ The second one said, ‘Great opportunities here – natives don’t wear shoes!’ Do you see obstacles or opportunities?"

Steve most definitely sees opportunities. Rob Lyons recognizes Steve for this quality:

“Some of my fondest memories in my career are making joint sales calls with Steve McCready – from our very first day on the road together (during a snow storm 30 years ago) or a month ago, Steve always had time for ‘one more call.’”

Thank you, Steve, for your hard work and dedication. We appreciate your drive to constantly seek out opportunities with TIPCO Tech!

TIPCO Tech - 25-Sep-2018