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Team TIPCO Spotlight: Ricky Spradlin and the Metal Hose Division


We’re pleased to introduce our next Team TIPCO Employee Spotlight: Metal Hose Product Manager, Ricky Spradlin! About four years ago, we welcomed Ricky into our TIPCO family, and he has proved to be a great asset to our team. His experience in industrial maintenance, fabrication and welding spans more than thirty years. An expert in welding, his favorite quote is,

“A man who grinds his weld has something to hide.”

As a team player, Ricky is always keeping himself busy to ensure the success of his division. The metal hose division, built by Ricky, prides itself on its custom-made metal hose fabrications. The division welds from a blank canvas, providing the asphalt plants and chemical plants the team serves an endless variety of products to choose from. Ricky and his division are even planning to increase their services by installing more welding stations to serve more customers.

Located in Forest, Virginia, the metal hose division is a newer asset to TIPCO - only two and a half years old. While the team may be small, the division is quickly expanding with new hire Jason Dickerson and is looking to continue growing their business.

Ricky’s typical work day is jam-packed: when he is in the metal shop, he focuses mainly on hose assemblies, welding testing, shipping and keeping up with inventory. Once he steps into his office, Ricky is churning out metal hose quotes and working with the outside sales team on upcoming projects. If that isn’t enough, he recently started going out with the sales team to promote the metal hose services we provide at TIPCO.

What makes Ricky so special? Besides the many hats he wears for the company, Ricky’s experience out in the field makes him even more qualified when working with customers. His expertise helps bridge any information gaps and reassures the customer that they are receiving top-notch service.

While Ricky can’t do it alone, he has his team to help him. When asked what makes TIPCO so unique, he answered,

“It’s definitely a team atmosphere. If you need help just ask – there is always someone on the TIPCO team who can point you in the right direction.”

Even when he is not on-site, Ricky loves to get his hands dirty, designing and building things. He once even converted a square hay baler into a leaf baler. When he is off the clock, Ricky also enjoys being outdoors – fishing, boating and golfing.

Ricky really completes the Metal Hose Division at TIPCO. We appreciate all his hard work and everything he does to keep his team running. Thank you for being a part of the TIPCO Family!

TIPCO Technologies - 22-Aug-2018