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Teadit PTFE Gaskets: The Cutting Edge of Sealing Technology!


In partnership with Teadit, one of our valued suppliers and an industry-leading provider of sealing products, TIPCO Technologies is thrilled to present our customers with the highest-performing gasket material in the market today: PTFE!

What is PTFE?

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is the most trusted plastic in industrial sealing due to its incredible durability and versatility. TIPCO’s top concern is the safety of our customers and their employees – we recommend PTFE gaskets to protect you in even the most volatile settings. These properties make PTFE perfect for use in industries that require outstanding chemical resistance and zero contamination, such as:

  • Petroleum & Chemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals

Featured Products

TIPCO is now offering a variety of exciting PTFE products from Teadit, including:

  • Tealon 1570 (Blue): Filled with glass microspheres, Tealon 1570 is perfect for more aggressive chemical applications and is the preferred material for fragile flanges, glass lined equipment, or other applications that require higher compressibility. 
  • Tealon 1580 (Off-White): Filled with barium sulfate, Tealon 1580 is extremely diverse and can be used in a wide range of applications due to its vast resistance to most chemical products. It is compatible with strong acids along and strong caustics, and it is well-suited for zero-contamination processes.  
  • Tealon 1590 (Fawn): Filled with silica, Tealon 1590 meets a wide range of applications and has held up exceptionally to the Hot Compression Test. It is excellent for general service, strong acids and moderate caustic solutions.
  • 24SH ePTFE Sheet: Vastly different than conventional PTFE sheet, 24SH is soft and flexible, adapting easily to irregular and rough surfaces. Made from 100% virgin PTFE, it is highly chemical-resistant and will not contaminate or discolor end products
  • 24B ePTFE Joint Sealant: The adaptability and malleability of expanded PTFE allows 24B to compensate for irregular sealing surfaces in a wide variety of static applications throughout all industries. This is perfect for use with stress sensitive connections and applications where only a limited flange load is available.  
  • RC510 Railcar Manway Gasket: Restructured hollow glass micro spheres fill the user-friendly, easy-install RC510, manufactured utilizing Teadit’s unique Origin™ process technology. This provides excellent torque retention, high sealability and extended gasket life over multiple cycles, truly setting RC510 apart from anything else on the market. 

At TIPCO, we can’t wait for our customers to see how PTFE products from Teadit can help create cutting-edge solutions to their sealing needs! Our incredible Sealing Division can custom-cut any gasket using PTFE, providing you strength and protection no matter the project.

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TIPCO Technologies - 11-Feb-2019