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Premier Supplier Spotlight: Continental ContiTech

At TIPCO Technologies, safety is our first priority. As professionals in high-risk industries, our customers need assurances that their equipment can stand up to pressure without endangering their employees. Few suppliers share this deep commitment to industrial safety like this month’s Premier Supplier Spotlight: Continental ContiTech!

Since 2005, Continental has been TIPCO’s perfect partner in product safety and excellence. Continental’s STAR (Safety, Training, Assembly, Reliability) network, of which TIPCO is a part, outlines safety principles we seek to follow every day with our high-quality assembly solutions. Continental’s STAR Program even includes a one-of-a-kind UL Verification Process for hose assembly procedures, truly setting them apart in our industry.

TIPCO is proud to carry Continental ContiTech products and provide value-added cutting, coupling and testing for each specific customer. Together, we serve an enormous variety of critical hose applications from breathing, petroleum and steam to everyday product requirements in MRO such as Frontier and Gorilla.

On working with TIPCO, N.A. Market Director Karina Robinson from ContiTech USA states,

“Besides [being a] great group of people, TIPCO is a leader in the industrial hose market. They are the experts in their field and bring forth a tremendous amount of value to their customers… TIPCO embraces the industrial hose market and provides leading edge, high-quality products and technology.”

The future of our partnership with Continental ContiTech is bright. We can’t wait to see what growth and evolution 2019 will bring!

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TIPCO Technologies - 17-Dec-2018