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John Guest Products

John Guest tubing and pipe connectionsJohn Guest is a Pioneering Manufacturer, offering a range of over 3,000 products which address tubing and pipe connections.”.  With more than 50 years of experience, they are one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers.TIPCO is also a Master Distributor for John Guest in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. The company is proud to offer Speedfit, John Guest’s latest technology.

John Guest tubing

John Guest offers fittings for the following applications:

Beverages and Drink Dispense:
John Guest offers a wide range of push-fit connectors, tube and other fluid control products for drinks dispense and pure water applications. The world's first food quality push-fit fitting, the John Guest range is now over 800 items strong and provides the quickest and most effective of installations with the quality assurance you would expect. Pushing the tube into the fitting is all that is needed to produce an instant, but permanent leak proof connection. The fittings are just as easy to disconnect and re-use without the need for replacement parts. John Guest Beverage and Drinks Dispense products are manufactured in FDA compliant materials which makes them especially potable liquids.

The John Guest range of push-in fittings and pipes provide the ideal connection from compressor receiver to airline service components through to complete ring main and take off points. No need to prepare threaded pipe or solvent, all the connections can be made with a simple push-in action.

Super Speedfit push-fit fittings have been specially designed for miniature pneumatics applications. They provide a fast and secure way of connecting tubes and offer considerable advantages over conventional fittings. Complex tubing systems can now be assembled more rapidly compared against traditional methods and, because Super Speedfit fittings are easy to disconnect, fault finding and maintenance become much easier operations.