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TIPCO Technologies holds tight to ContiTech STAR Status

TIPCO Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that Continental has granted us continuing STAR status for the year 2018. The STAR designation offers unrivaled distinction in our local trading area as well as in the national marketplace, confirming our status as a part of the Continental Authorized Distributor program.

In a letter of congratulations, Continental states,

“Tipco Technologies has demonstrated the sales and technical expertise necessary to fulfill the rigorous requirements of fabricating high-integrity hose assemblies and by fulfilling those requirements has earned you STAR status.”
Our STAR status indicates our team’s aptitude for providing vital value-added services for today’s demanding end-users, and with the Underwriters Laboratories, LLC. (UL) verification of TIPCO’s facilities and competencies, enhanced opportunities await our sales efforts in the future.

We are honored to have our hard work and innovative mission recognized by Continental and other industry peers. Thank you to every member of Team TIPCO who made our STAR status possible for yet another year!

TIPCO Technologies - 07-Aug-2018