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The ContiTech Crimped Steam Hose: An Assembly You Can Count On

The ContiTech Crimped Steam Hose: An Assembly You Can Count On

When an industrial steam hose assembly leaks, disaster can strike at multiple angles, ranging from monetary losses to bodily harm. With such risks at stake, why not invest in a steam hose you can count on?

To have you covered when bolted steam hoses fail, Tipco Technologies is excited to present the ContiTech Crimped Steam Hose assembly. Here are three ways you can benefit from all the Crimped Steam Hose has to offer:

Saving Money.

Even the smallest leak in your hose couplings can cost you more than $40 a day, which can accumulate into more than $6,000 by the end of a season. The ContiTech Crimped Steam Hose’s high-temperature Viton o-ring eliminates leaks with a hand tight connection, saving you thousands of dollars in time, labor and efficiency.

Protecting Your People.

Steam leaks are more than just costly: static discharges, built-up pressure and high temperatures can place your technicians in harm’s way should your hoses fail. The leak prevention afforded by the Crimped Steam Hose alleviates all your most pressing safety concerns, and electric continuity created with bite-to-the-wire ferrules is specifically designed to reduce the risk of shocks.

Competitive Edge.

Where bolted steam hoses lack efficiency, the Crimped Steam Hose will give any professional an advantage, especially in industries such as:

  • Food processing
  • Chemical and petroleum
  • Shipbuilding and lumber
  • Pulp processing

Have more questions about the ContiTech Crimped Steam Hose? Ready to implement the best in hose assembly technology?


TIPCO Technologies - 11-Dec-2017