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Team TIPCO Spotlight: Lara Cumbey, Territory Manager


Lara recently celebrated her six-year anniversary with TIPCO Technologies in January of 2018. As a Territory Manager based in Virginia, Lara works with our customers on upcoming projects. She helps with hose and fitting selections, works with CFT to enter orders, generates quotes, and expedites and follows up on existing orders. Most importantly, Lara keeps our current clients happy while finding us new customers!  

Lara has been in the industry for a very long time; she states that she’s always been in customer service and sales in various fields, mainly industrial products. She loves her job and loves to learn new things.

“It really is fun! I learn something new every single day,” Lara said.

She loves her role at TIPCO and realizes the company is unique:

“It’s our commitment to doing the right thing that makes TIPCO so special,” she said. “There is a sense of empowerment to always do what is best for the company and its customers.”

When she’s not busy helping coworkers or clients, Lara is hard at work improving herself and her community. She loves yoga and practices often during the week and volunteers at the local Boykin Spaniel Rescue shelter. She also loves crafting.

“I think that I enjoy crafting will surprise most of my coworkers!” she laughed.

Lara’s favorite colors are blues and greens as they remind her of the ocean, her “happy place.” She dreams of one day retiring and buying a house on the beach.

TIPCO Technologies - 13-Mar-2018