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Team TIPCO Spotlight: Khary Dickerson, Assistant Production Manager


Khary Dickerson, an Assistant Production Manager, has worked for TIPCO Technologies for nearly four years. Khary has a true passion for what he does and enjoys his work because he gets the opportunity to face new challenges every day. Khary tells customers he goes to work not only to sharpen his current skills, but to learn new ones, ensuring that his customer’s experience is as amazing as it can be. He enjoys working at TIPCO because its environment encourages learning and employee growth.

“That’s where I find my strength, [in] helping others.”

For Khary, it’s all about teamwork. He’s always working with someone, whether it’s while fulfilling customer production requests or cleaning up the shop as the day winds down. In fact, he says working with and helping people is how he “find(s) (his) strength” every day to provide outstanding service to customers and TIPCO. Khary notes that there’s a sign on TIPCO’s production floor that inspires him - “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Outside of work, Khary loves listening to podcasts and has one of his own focused on music and sports. His true passion, however, lies in writing and recording music, because it allows him to express himself. Khary eventually hopes to buy a puppy and move into a place of his own.

TIPCO Technologies - 06-Apr-2018