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Team TIPCO Spotlight: John Wilton


We’re pleased to feature our latest Team TIPCO Employee Spotlight: General Manager, John Wilton! As a store manager in the equipment rental business for the past 15 years, John has gained vast knowledge and experience in his specific position and beyond. John has been a valued member of the TIPCO family for the past year (and once worked briefly with us in the past, more than 20 years ago!). During his two stints with TIPCO, John has made his impact felt!

John’s describes a typical day at TIPCO as hectic, but very enjoyable. He truly appreciates what makes TIPCO unique from the competition, and states that the company’s positive, customer-centric atmosphere is more evident than at any other business he has ever worked at.  John credits Rob and Terri Lyons for creating a positive work environment for employees that fosters enthusiasm, responsibility, and a genuine caring atmosphere.

John credits his father for his positive work ethic. He strives to listen and live by his father’s favorite quote;

“Everyone you meet will know something more about something then you do, so pay attention.”

When he’s not wowing TIPCO staff and clients, John enjoys spending quality time with his family, and exercising regularly. He prides himself on being overly organized and maintaining a balanced home/work life. Thanks for everything that you do for our customers, John; we’re lucky to have you on Team TIPCO!

TIPCO Technologies - 18-Mar-2019